Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do I really need TCOYF now?

We were looking at some old books at hubs' grandmother's house that she wanted to sell. Among them, I found a couple that were really old but in good condition, and she told me I could have whatever I wanted. I came across this gem, and picked it up for a closer look, and maybe some 1949 humor:

Yes folks, that title is "Successful Marriage." I thought it would be a real 1950's read, complete with recipes you should make your husband after a long day of work. I opened it up and browsed through the chapter titles:

Hmmm...this might be more interesting than I thought...And I turned to the chapter on fertility, where lo and behold:

Yup, those are charts. This book is amazing. I didn't even get to the charting part, but it has actual scientific information about tons of stuff, and how-tos for a whole bunch of crap. Like, how to handle it when your husband is the more 'amorous' of the two of you. It also had a sentence in there about how if the more 'amorous' of the pair (I think they use that instead of horny, lol) has no part in the contraceptive arrangement, then you will feel resentment. Aaaaaand I do. Thank you book, even though you smell like old dirty bookshelf, you're pretty nice.

I'll share more as I keep reading, but it's just starting to get interesting. This should keep me occupied until October!

**omg, scratch that. changed his mind. T- one week.

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