Friday, August 9, 2013

There's still a baby in there people.

So I'm reading back over my posts from last time just to see how it went then compared to now. I'm getting all anxious, because I really wanted to deliver with the same dr, and she's going on vacation tomorrow!
C'mon, Pecan!

It looks like it's going about the same, only taking longer. I went in Thursday morning at 845, was 70-80% effaced and "a good two cm" and at -2 station. That was officially 39w. There was some cramping and period-like bleeding after she stripped my membranes (just like last time, lol) and some mild cramping the rest of the day. Some contractions, but since I've been having BH for a month, I'm not counting them if they don't actually do anything (ie, feel like I'm "having a contraction!!!1!1!").

I had what I think was some mucus plug and bloody show this morning at like five am, and some minor contrax, but again, nothing to write home about. Oooookay then, have it your way Pecan.

Cut to napping on the couch: more of those actual painful contrax. Three whole ones so far!
Is this the start of something real?

We shall see. I'm guessing she's just in there going "psych!"