Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Return of the King - and my Advent "Wreath"

Hi everyone! I'm back!

::looks around at empty room::

That's ok, I expected that. After all, I'm really just talking to myself, like always, with this blog. I haven't been rememberwriting as much as I really should though - especially if I want to actually preserve any memories. And there's always my daily phone pictures.

But I digress.

I've been pinning shit like maaaaaad lately, and finding I can actually accomplish things whilst ignoring dishes and laundry. Oops. Well, at least I have fun stuff to show for it!
The onset of colder weather has been harsh, with colds (me) and croup (B) and ear infections (S), oh my. We've also been staying inside while having our bedroom and bathroom ceilings fixed and painted, and it's just about on the level with waterboarding for two small excitable children.
So, crafting.

I didn't get to church to make my annual Advent wreath this year, so I wanted to try something a little different. I found this on Pinterest: click me, I'm a link to an awesome bread pan Advent "wreath" from Homespun Living!

And it was my inspiration - er, pinspiration (which always makes me think of perspiration) for my very own:

(Please excuse my semi-used candles...)

Some of the ladies on my crafty group were talking about something called chalk paint, and I just happened to run into some at the Crafty Store #3 the other day, so I decided to take one of our old bread pans and give it a whirl.

Bread pan, halfway through:

And then I glued some taper holders into the pan, added some pine snippings from the branches we cut off of our spider-less tree:

Et voila. We lit the first one today - I let B practice. He blew it out mid-prayer. Ah well.