Friday, January 22, 2010

2010's equivalent of a bedtime story?

Now you can read children's Yep. I haven't actually tried it yet, since I heard about it at work, but at this Library of Congress website, you can "page" through tons of classic children's books.

I actually remember seeing some of these when I was little! While the real thing is always preferable (says me), this seems like a pretty good way to appease small ones while stuck inside on rainy - or Pennsylvania - days.

In honor of PA.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today might be a good day.

I'm going to the gym tonight. So exciting. I don't know why. But I think it's because of the new healthy kick I'm on. I went to tar-jay yesterday and got spinach, yogurt, goldfish (I blame brooke), and some other goodies. Couldn't find any pg or pre-natal dvds, so I just did regular yoga this morning.

Went to borders after that to pick up What To Expect... and got myself some grapefruit lip balm. Yum. I only read about 1/8 of the way into it, but there were a lot of sections I could skip. I glanced at Your Pregnancy Week by Week on the shelf, and I think I might get that too (coupon happy), just to know. My "symptoms" come and go - really, it's only one symptom - and it kind of has me freaked out. I know I'm not alone in this, as evidenced by a post on BOTB this morning by my almost-chart-twin. She doesn't know I'm stalking her. Yet.

Still don't know whether or not I should "come out" on BOTB. I was going to wait until Monday, but I just don't know. My biggest fear is that I will offend someone, or make someone completely depressed/unhappy because I had a surprise and they've been trying so hard for so long. So, I don't know.

What makes me feel better: text message from hubs saying that he wants to be a good husband and dad (wow, still scary!). : )

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What to Expect

When You're Expecting: has been boughten.

Look out, interwebs. I'm armed with book-learnin' now.

A Word About Diet.

Ok, not really a word, but lots of them. Go ahead, google "pregnancy diet." I dare you. While it doesn't bring up as many horrific things as, say, googling "fleet enema" or "dirty sanchez," it's still terrifying.

What if I eat lunchmeat that is - GASP - unheated? What if I eat cheese that is unpasteurized? ::faints::
There are about eight million rules and guidelines you could follow while eating for 1.5, as evidenced by the millions of posts about it on 1st Tri. I accidentally ordered the wrong sammich last night (I love saying sammich; don't hate) and got turkey instead of grilled chicken. It still came with the awesome honey mustard sauce, so worked either way - but I was a bit hesitant. With all the information floating around out there, how do we actually manage to gain any weight at all during pregnancy? And, can I have honey mustard?!?!?!

Since I haven't had my 1st appt with the Dr yet, I'm going to use the expiration date rule: if you have to think about it, throw it out. So, if I spend too much time wondering whether or not I should eat something, I should probably just give up, save the brain cells for something more useful, and move on to the next craving.

Here are some of the diets I've seen out there from web sites I'd actually trust:
WebMD's Diet Do's and Don'ts ~ The famous home of TMI gives you their list.
March of Dimes Healthy Diet ~ Good information from an ultra-supportive baby site.
Mayo Clinic Esssential Nutrients When Eating for Two ~ Thanks for reminding me, Mayo Clinic. A helpful list of what nutrients you need, how much, and where to find them.

Here are some from sites I'm interested in:
Bradley Birth pregnancy diet ~ first I thought the webpage background was dividing cells. It does give you a protein counter. And tells you to have 3 pats of butter.
What to Expect's pregnancy diet ~ This is actually the first place I went for information, because it's all in the same place.
Eating Well pregnancy diet recipes and menus ~ RECIPES! Just what I don't need more of! ::plans another binder full::

And, here are some...other interesting...ones...:
Blue Ribbon Baby ~ When you want your kid to come in first at that state fair.
Fit and Healthy Pregnancy ~ from the site: Why the Food Pyramid Guide and Traditional Exercise Advice Will Make You Fat and Unhealthy, and Put Both You and Your Baby at Serious Risk.
Indian Food Diet ~ The name says it all: Indian Food Forever. Banana, mango, cashewnuts and apricots are enough to make me sign up for this one.

So, my current list for the store:
Juice (I need something in the morning other than water)
Cascadian Farms fiber bar thingies

umm...that's it so far. I will be perusing the sites above to see what else I can get.
The good thing about being pg right now is that I have a month or two until the really good produce starts popping up, and then I have fresh stuff for the rest of my pregnancy. I really can't wait until the berries start coming up, because I'm craving strawberry shortcake something fierce.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And on the heels of that...

Symptoms so far:

Smell. I can smell everything. It's not fun, especially when there are about 5 smokers in my office.

"Sour Stomach." Tums are my new best friend. I have what feels like gas all the time, and I feel like I have to burp, but nothing happens. And when I wake up in the morning, I have that need to eat something now or OH MY GOD I'M GONNA HURL feeling. Which is followed during the day by I think I'm hungry SOMEONE GET ME SOME FOOD RIGHT NOW DAMMIT.

Also, my first appt is Feb 16th. What do I do until then? Should I keep taking tests to make sure I'm still KU? I know to watch for spotting, etc., but what do you do really when you're waiting for that 1st appt?

Oh, btw, I will "come out" on BOTB, but not until a little later. I'm feeling guilty, terrified, and a wee bit giddy all at once, and I don't know if I can handle all the judging just yet. And I really really really feel awful that this didn't happen for all the other ladies there and happened for me who wasn't even praying for it. They deserve this more than I.

Never thought I'd write this one.

At least, not this year.

So...I'm pregnant. 4 weeks, 2 days to be exact. From the time of ovulation. Mark this one down as a big BC fail. Huge. Hubs had a minor freak-out of the "I'm not ready!" variety, did I! But this was actually part of one of the many TTC plans we had made in the past, and by the time my EDD rolls around he will have graduated (yay!) and have a full-time job. I will, too, of course.

Our parents know, and certain friends, because I need that support. I'm still in shock, a whole lotta shock, but feel very blessed.

HOWEVER, it doesn't stop me from feeling horribly guilty. Why does this happen for me, and not for all the women out there who want this so badly? I wasn't even thinking of this happening now, and they have begged, pleaded, prayed, undergone grueling medical procedures, tons of heartache, and the like in order to be a parent. I will never understand that. And I will probably always feel guilt. But I am going to work my hardest to enjoy it, and be thankful, because it is a blessing. One that I hope, wish, and pray for everyday to be bestowed upon those women.

So, let the long, strange trip begin.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Very Special Post - Blogging for Babies

At the start of a new year, it's nice to look back at the previous year and reminisce. However, the previous year wasn't that great - for a lot of us on BOTB. I know my complaints are small compared to what some of those women have gone through.

Which brings me to a very special lady on BOTB - and her very special post. She issued a challenge a couple days ago, and although it has taken me a couple days, I'm stepping up to the plate.

Here is her original post. She pledged to donate a dollar to the March of Dimes for every comment she received in the next ten days. She also pledged to donate a dollar for every comment we receive if we do an additional blog post and link to it in her comment section.

So, here is mine! I will also donate a dollar for every comment I receive in the next ten days. I will also have to cap my donations - hopefully I will make it to my cap and have that problem though!

Even though I've only been a part of BOTB for a short time, I absolutely love having a place I can go and talk about (almost) anything, and get out the fears and questions that I have surrounding what will likely be the biggest challenge and joy of my life. In that short time, I have gotten to know (as well as you can through internet stalking) a group of wonderful women whose struggles have been heartbreaking, but have shown the greatest strength and grace I have seen. This one's for you.

Also for all the mommies I have known in real life and on The Nest who have lost beloved children. Some of them may not have had names, and some of them were here long enough to touch all of us (including her siblings!) so this is also for them!