Friday, April 1, 2011

10% guilty

So the burrito was sick last week. Another early spring cold, runny nose, coughing, etc. We put him back in the co-sleeper at hubs' request and propped him up so he didn't stay all mucous-y. (side note: apparently I have used that word before, because my phone auto-corrected it...sorry inner grammar radar.)

So on the weekend, he started feeling better...and transferred his cold to moi, who then gave it to hubs. It prett much killed me all of Sunday; good timing, because it was a burrito wants to play all day kind of situation. So Monday morning I called in dead and said to hubs, If today is like yesterday, you may as well take him to daycare, because A there's no way in hell I'll get any better with no sleep and B he's not gonna sleep so may as well get him some mental stimulation other than ma blowing her nose and calling ships in from the harbor. And of course the unspoken C, I know you won't watch him hubs.

So I slept, and pumped, and all was well. I felt only 10% guilty.