Monday, November 30, 2009

More things for my phantom baby.

You really can't keep me away from CBB, as hard as you try.

EggBaby's striped one-piece.

Their maternity's not to shabby, either.

And, some fun bedding.
Hoohobbers has fabric that I want.


Back to reality now. Chances of me having kids in the next year get slimmer every day. I wish my waistline was getting slimmer with those chances as well...alas, I have been eating my feelings lately. They just taste so damn good.

Friday, November 20, 2009

More stuff for my living room!

I have the picture of what I want to do with the west wall at home, so I'll upload that later.

In the is the north wall, again:

And here is what I'd like to do. I want to put two swing-arm plug-in wall lights on either side of the window. I want to stick with a base in the black family, as I think that's what will go best with the white window trim and the tan-ish wall color.

I have the following lamps (, love love love) picked as inspiration:

I'd also like to do a rug that's bigger than the brown one there, because my furniture is bigger now and needs a rug to match, and also because there's enough brown - I need some color. (clicky pic for more views!)

The blue one would be nice. I may head over to a flooring place to see if they have any remnants of nice light-colored rugs that they can edge or whatever you call it and I can have for less than $800, TYVM.

I'd also like some pillows to add color to the couch.

Mmm, corduroys.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Living room help needed!

Ok, so I have new furniture in my living room (relatively it earlier this year). I haven't put anything on the walls yet, except for 2 stars, because I'm deathly afraid of the walls falling down. They are plaster, and yes, have fallen before (half of the bathroom is drywall, part of one bedroom wall as well, and the ceiling almost fell on my mom so that went too!). **I fixed the pictures. Sorry about that.**

So, I think I know what I want it to look like, but I need some help. I currently have this:

↑This would be the west wall of the living room. See the wall? Bare. And the couch is low, so I need some stuff to put up there. Also, instead of the lamp and end table on the side, I want something else. I'd like to put a DVD shelf there, one that holds arond 200 because that's what we have now. It might need a lamp, obviously, but I'll figure that out after the DVD shelf.

↑Here's the front of the living room; north wall. See that floor lamp? Can't stand it there. I want wall lamps, and they have to be the plug-in type. I actually already have a portfolio at, which shows what I want. I just want to know which one to pick!

↓This would be the corner with the stars - I'd move a star for the wall light, duh.

SOOOOOOO...I'm trying to find a place where I can make polyvore-type boards for houses, so I can see what it all looks like together, with the lights I want, and the shelves I want from tar-jay, and the photo collages I want to put on the walls (hopefully without fallage). Any suggestions? Things that would go well? Anything?

Oh, and FYI, yes I did buy my dog a Snuggie.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

mmm, cute fabric.

This is way too cute. There are also cowboy ones, and different colors with kangaroos, but this is my fave. Just the right amount of pink not to be obnoxious.
Bloume Baby has the cutest stuff. Its prices are a little on the high side, but if you find that special item (like a kimono sweater), so worth it.

One more thing:

WANT THAT NOW! Heck with future kids, can I just display the toys at my house? I already have a viewfinder.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


In husband news, we've had a couple of talks (more to come, I'm sure!) and things are slowly getting better. He actually cuddled with me this morning in bed. And, he didn't touch my butt. That's a sure sign of I-want-morning-sex from him, and I was so happy I didn't have to turn him down, lol.

My chart had a fun little dip, which was somewhat odd. I was wondering if it's because the wieners have been waking me up at 6 when I normally get up at 7, but that really shouldn't matter. It only started this weekend, which coincided with daylight savings time (aka, the work of Satan). Apparently, wiener dogs + DST = tragedy for my 6-7am hour.

I also started checking cervix position (yes, I found it! it's not lost!), which is, ok, very odd and sometimes gross. Mostly because it goes along with checking CM, which, you can shoot me here, but totally disgusting. It's like checking how your snot looks every day. Checking the 'vix for firmness? Finding the opening? A bit unusual to me. I won't bring up the sea anemone metaphor again.

So, the schedule for babymaking has again changed, mostly because I am consigned to the fact that hubs is, at the least, PMS-y during school and very non-attentive to his lovely wife. And I'm going to need all the attention I can get when KU, just because I said so. I'm also going to need lots of Viva's creamy italian dressing, whopper jr's with cheese, and reading roll. Sooooo...we're now back to my original plan of April of 2010. Whee! That will give me some time to pay off my massive amounts of cc debt (thanks, wedding and new house) and finish up the small projects I want to do around the house (I see you, unpainted headboard and scarce living room lighting...oh, and blank walls, shut it).

Who wants to take bets about if this schedule holds?