Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aaaaand some more pics

Mama and baby:

Ready to go home:

It's not edited yet, but Leroy is very curious about the new noisemaker on the scene:

Sleeping peacefully, for now:

"I'll give you something to cry about" :

And back to sweet again:

Welcome to the world Baby!

Benjamin William was born at 7:44pm on Wednesday September 22nd. He was 7lbs11oz, and 19in long. He's a beautiful baby boy and I'm so thankful!

Stories to come, of course. Now for PIPs!

The morning of:

Fresh out of the oven, with great-grandma: 

After his first home bath: 

Chillin like a burrito: 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Final Countdown?

back pain has intensified. lots of pink mucus-y stuff. called dr, going in for them to check me out as soon as hubs is here. yar.

and just like that...

they have stopped. bye-bye, contractions. will you be back? we'll find out...

In the meantime, I'm going to rest and walk the dog and eat non-solid things, like soup. and soup. and gatorade. maybe some more soup.

8:02am - called off work, going to hop in the shower and put a towel on my little slice of couch. ooh, going to make some caramel vanilla decaf too, yum.

mmm, back labor.

I haz it. I woke up at about 130 in a fair amount of fun, fun pain in my lower back, went to the bathroom. Cue more fun spotting.
200, up again. Hmmm...could be something more than just having to go to the bathroom.
230, figured I'd better start timing to see what happens. The pain had a discernable beginning, a hazy ending, and lasted about 3-4 mins, about 10 mins apart.

So, cut to me, on the couch, laptop in sight, and oh yes, blogging away. I'm timing things with the help of, I think, and basically just...waiting. Drinking some gatorade. Trying to rest. The usual for a Wednesday morning at 3am. Didn't I tell you people? 3am!

Oh, and ouch.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Well, that was fun. And painful.

Had my 39-wk appointment this morning! I'm 39w3d technically. Went in, got weighed, ignored the scale after I saw the 20_.__, told them about the two times I had cramping at around 4am, that was about it.

**warning - possible grossness ahead.**

Dr man came in to check me, I was anticipating the uncomfortableness this time so I was prepared with my breathing, lol. He also said he was going to "agitate" the membranes (after this I started referring to him in my head as the Maytag Man), and I was like sure, ok, and the nurse laughed. He checked for dilation and effacement first - 2cm, 70% - and then started doing something that was quite uncomfortable, but not exactly painful. The breathing did help, although I only had to take two deep, long breaths and it was done. Immediately afterward, it felt like menstrual cramps. I sat up and the nurse handed me a pad - which is where I remembered what I forgot to buy at the store!

I had a little spotting while at the dr's, but the cramping has gotten a little more uncomfortable. Went to the br a little while ago, whee more spotting (I know, totally gross, but didn't you read that warning?), which looked a little mucus-y so I'm hopeful that my plug has started to vacate the premises.

And oh yeah, OUCH! Back pain! I just started to notice it becoming more painful than uncomfortable. I've got my timery thing all ready online, but I can't really tell when it starts and when it ends. I'm sure it's just a prelude to actual pain, though. I'm thinking that because I can't tell when it starts or ends that it's not a contraction and just more of the same. We'll see.

Monday, September 20, 2010

ooh! cramp! there was a cramp!

this morning at 4am. It was painful. I used that chance to practice my breathing for contractions.

I can't be too sure, but something tells me I'm going to SUCK at labor. In a major way. Ah well. Someone get me a giant pacifier.

So, have a half day today - I have to get dog food, find some lunch, and meet the furnace guy. I'll probably spend the rest of the day organizing my freezer food and throwing the rest of the stuff in my hospital bags. Maybe I can even get around to taking pics! Ooh, blog with pics, how exciting. I know, you're holding your breath.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


ok, so it's late. shoot me, I'm a little preoccupied.


and, for comparison: 38w6d

last night was fun............NOT

It was a lovely night, until I tried to go to bed and realized...that feels like cramps. Ouch. Hey, that really feels like cramps. how long do these last? will they ever stop? oh, that's better.


Oh hey, I have to go to the bath-WTF? cramps again? they still hurt! and my back does too! and it's not going away! oh wait, that's better. but here comes a BH. and he's still kicking me. how does he have room?
um...this could be a sign of early labor, according to WTE (I was doing some light reading on the toilet). that means...

to be done list going through my head: iron my dish towels, open box of diapers, wash my CD's, get a basket for baby bath stuff, put sunchips in my hospital bag, buy there's still a lot left to do! it's not like packing for vacation, apparently.

So, tonight, it's off to bru to get the last of my "vital" stuff on the registry, and maybe a dresser, as I've been told he'll have more things at christmas than can fit in his little shelving unit. man. I keep checking the tp, looking in the toilet, no "mucus" yet. The BH are getting a little more painful, but so far it just feels like cramps. I have to remind myself to keep drinking water also, I don't want to get dehydrated and then go into labor! Oh and on a more TMI note? I went to the bathroom 4 times yesterday. Of the non-peeing kind. Which I recalled at 4am when I was thinking of Liz, who went into labor & had her lovely baby the other day. AHHHHHH!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

so, nursing wear.

thou art my conundrum. How much to buy? and When? it's almost like the baby clothes dilemma - will he come out and be in newborn, or in 0-3? how much of each do I need? when do I start stocking up on 3-6? the clothes that I have will be answered in another post - time to pick out things for me now.

So far, I have bought:

Gilligan & O'Malley nursing tank from Tar-jay
I picked up a navy number with lace trim the other day when I was out, just to try it. I'm usually a M in items like this (it's loverly being two different sizes - M on top, L on bottom), but I figured since my bazoombas are gigantic now and will be milkified for a while, L would do it. It fit fine, obviously not around the stomach area because I'm still with melon, but I have to say, it did make me feel a bit like I needed to strap on some leather chaps, get my cat o' nine tails out and work on my dominatrix name. Modern-day torture instrument? No, nursing tank. But it'll serve its purpose, I'm sure. And it looks pretty.

Glamourmom nursing tank
This one was on sale at one of the sites, zulily I think? I took a chance. It looks pretty, again, I'm sure this is my main motivating factor in life - but is it pretty?
I was interested in trying one of the online brands, and this is the first I came to.

Next up: I'll have to go back to tar-jay of course. What I'm aiming for will be 2 sleep nursing bras and 2 regular nursing bras. Will this be enough? Help me, interwebz.

Friday, September 3, 2010


a little late, but ya know how it is. had a half day today, got a sub and fries for lunch, subsequently am laid up on the couch because the H said "hey, are your feet ok? that one looks swollen."
aaaand with that, I was on the couch with water for the rest of the day. so here I am. : )