Monday, September 21, 2015


It has been entirely too long, blogger. I see you over there, blowing the dust off your server. I mean, in my defense, #kids.

But, I do enjoy writing, and cooking, and eating, so maybe I will return. Until I post something of Great Political and Social Importance, I give you a Monday List.

Things I have been doing when not writing in my blog:
  • getting a divorce
  • going to counseling
  • finding a job
  • raising two kids
  • trying to walk the dog
  • training for a 5k
  • injuring myself at taekwondo class
  • waiting for Ben Affleck to call
SO, there you have it, interwebz. Hopefully this will become a place where I am comfortable to talk about all of the above, because I'm certain I'm not the only doing all or most of these. (Ok maybe I am the only one injuring myself doing TKD while training for a 5K, I can see that one.)

In the meantime, catch me on Pinterest if you need me.