Friday, September 30, 2011

first birthday pictures

For your viewing pleasure!

The burrito the day before his party, with his present from his uncle, a new John Deere lawn mower:

At his party, "opening" his presents - or, watching the other kids open them. And, checking out a toy with daddy.


The presentation of the cake: momma and dada blew out the candle.

 Time for cake!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ahhhh, cold.

Not the illness kind, the temperature kind. This morning it was about 60 degrees. It still is, actually. and I LOVE it!

The Burrito let us sleep in for a bit - 9am, big stuff for us. This was after his 7am wake-up and whine for milk. We got him bathed and dressed (in his "will work 4 milk" tshirt, naturally). Came downstairs while the daddy worked on a cover letter for future use - he wants to work in an ER someday, which is beyond me, but go him, because I could not fathom that! I help people by feeding them, lol.

I got the Burrito started with some puffs while I got the rest of his food together: yoBaby apple yogurt, a nutrigrain-type waffle with a hint of real maple syrup, and a perfectly ripe pear. I made myself some coffee, and of course showed the Burrito the way to make a perfect pot in our mini-coffeemaker as I am the only coffee-drinker in the household (it would stunt Leroy's growth). Some caramel creamer and it was ON LIKE FALL. It was so glorious. Opened the kitchen door to the sunroom, let the cold sweep in, sipped my hot coffee, ate my waffle and pear - because if I have something the Burrito does not another whine-fest ensues. I try to make us the same food to get us ALL used to a healthier diet. I know, waffles...but come on now. We can't all make homemade bread ::coughashletcough::.

Actually - english muffin bread is on my list of things to try this fall. I'll add some more of that list later, now it's time to go buy/prepare for the Supreme First Birthday Bash!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not who I wanted to be today.

Did you ever have a day where you just weren't the person you wanted to be? Like, you got to the end of the day and looked back and said whoa... What happened? I wouldn't have done that. But, you did.

I had one of those days. Truth be told, i've been having a lot of them often. Days where I think to myself, I don't normally do this. I can get more done. I can do things differently. But, it's just not true. I mean maybe I could have - the me from two years ago. The current me? The one with a demanding horrible awful job and the wonderful child? Not so much.

Just another wonderful reason I'm in wonderful therapy.

Do you have days like this? Where you can't seem to get it together enough to make a simple phone call? You don't remember appointments? And at the end of the day when you say eff it instead of running which you know will make you feel better, you don't know who you are anymore? God I hope it's not just me. That would make going crazy awfully lonely.

Maybe sleep will help.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The current status of things; or, less than 20 days until his birthday.

I have no idea how it went this fast. The past year, I mean. I'm busy preparing for his first birthday party, which means attempting to make a #1-shaped photo collage, and just looking through the pictures brings back memories.

And also? Sometimes looking at those pictures after he's gone to bed make me forget what he looks like now, so I have to sneak into his room to peer at his sweet sleeping baby face.

And then, I have to take 5 minutes to tiptoe out on certain floorboards that don't creak. Stupid house built in 1925. But this may all be solved with the addition of "baby crack" to the burrito's room...

ANYWAY. An update of sorts, or a timeline rather, to show the boy's progress since I last updated:

9 months - two bottom teeth pop out; he completes his primer on crawling and begins to hate the bouncer; we start doing full meals with snacks and he self-weans to two bottles and three nursing sessions a day

10 months - two bottom teeth are fully in and two top teeth come in, one at at time; he begins to climb the stairs; table food is a must all of a sudden and he's dining with the big kids now

11 months - four shiny new teeth and momma's nips hurt; walking commences! he is now able to drunken-stagger from one room to the next; self-weans to two bottles and TWO nursing sessions a day; eating off of momma's plate and demanding bites when not in his high chair

That's right folks, walking. It's a crazy thing. He's also started this new hating-my-crib project, where the goal is to sleep in a parental lap or bed. Sooooooo we're letting him cry it out (CIO for you newbs). Sunday, Monday, suckage; he acted like the crib was torture. Chinese water-boarding. The Guantanamo Bay of baby sleep areas. It took over an hour of crying, with two breaks for momma-comfort and a replacement pac. I really need to get to the store and get that baby crack already. When it stops raining.

So, his birthday coming up. There was some dramz, because we have a tiny tiny house and don't want to sardine these folks. I'm planning some decorations, but there is a LOT to do - I took two full days off before the party (Thursday, the day of his birth last year, and Friday) to help compensate. We still need to figure out the food and the cake. Sammich tray, yes. Everything else? Clueless. As of right now, it's fall-ish outside, so do we stick with lemonade? Or go with apple cider? Argh!

Then, I'd like to finish that collage and make him a happy birthday banner that matches his colors on his invitation. Here is it, btw:

Cutest baby evah. I love the face, and the hat. It's from vacation. Saving that for a whole notha post, if I ever get the time for that. Bah.

So, time for bed - didn't get to run my mile tonight, but hey, I worked until 715 instead, for overtime - OH WAIT I don't get that. ::searches classifieds::