Thursday, March 25, 2010

14 weeks!

You're the size of a lemon now, small fry! Go AB go!

How far along? 14 weeks (scary...but not as scary as it will be when I'm 38!)
Total weight gain/loss: I'm hanging tough at 181.4, so up 4.2 lbs
Maternity clothes? awaiting my order from of 2 pairs mat pants and 3 mat shirts. contemplating going into Motherhood just to take a look around.
Stretch marks? not that I've seen (any more than the usual suspects)
Sleep: it's getting easier to stay awake at night, but this past week? I've been almost comatose by the time I'm done shopping or running errands after work.
Best moment this week: hmm...telling my dad/gma was pretty awesome (did I put that in last week's?), but so was just being here this week when flowers started blooming.
Movement: nada.
Food cravings: pizza hut.
Gender: not a clue.
Labor Signs: N/A
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: happy hour
What I am looking forward to: solidifying an appt with my new dr!
Weekly Wisdom: stop eating, Cat.
Milestones: um...hitting 14 weeks? lol.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Want want want

no, not food.

Baby hats!

So. Freaking. Cute.

Did I do an update?

I can't remember! Let's go check...

Oops, I did not!

Well here goes. This past week at 13w I had my second dr's appt. We got right in, took bp, weight (I asked her how much I was up according to their scale - 1lb. she laughed at me!), and went in to the u/s room (just in case they couldn't get a good read with the doppler) and got all jellied up. Well, a little jellied up. The heartbeat was pretty strong, and very low! I didn't expect it to be that low, but I guess I should. Even though I'm in the second trimester now, baby's still hanging out below the belt.

It was around 158/160ish, and kinda freaky to hear. Because, you know, there's something with a heartbeat living inside me...ahhhh! He didn't measure or feel about or anything, so it was a short appointment.

Oh, and then he said he's retiring in June. W.T.F. So now I have to find a new doc. I have two choices, either to stay with him until June, or switch to a new doc now. I have two choices for a new doc so far, and I've been offered the advice to switch now, so I can get to know my new practice.
So, just have to figure out which doc I want and I'm off. Should I go before the April appt? Or wait? I'm not sure I can get in w/ a new doc until after that...and he gave me the paperwork for a quad screen. Which, hubs the future nurse says I don't necessarily need to have. So, I guess that's my next question! Now, time for a poll!

Here follows the updations:

How far along? 13w3d, so officially the 2nd trimester!
Total weight gain/loss: well, if you count my starting point as 177, then...I'm up 5.2 lbs since I first found out. gah!
Maternity clothes? ordered my first mat pants and a couple shirts this week! I have to be careful of what I wear now though, because I have a nice little belly going on. And not the beer kind. Or the baby kind. This would be the roll-of-fat kind.
Stretch marks? nothin so far. the boobs are anxiously awaiting them though.
Sleep: ok, still getting up between 5-7am to pee on occasion.
Best moment this week: it will be today, telling my dad! (he lives farther away and I don't get to go up too often)
Movement: just my fat roll moving upward over my pants waistband.
Food cravings: food. any and all.
Gender: not yet, sorry intelligender!
Labor Signs: N/A
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: um...nothing, really. I'm doing good this week!
What I am looking forward to: making a registry!
Weekly Wisdom: do what you can, and don't push yourself. you're already sustaining life, you don't have to be She-Ra while doing it.
Milestones: hearing the heartbeat!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

11 weeks!

After that first appointment, time is flying by. I have my next appointment in two weeks, at 13 weeks exactly. Whoa...2nd tri...scary.

So I re-looked at the weight thing, and I believe I started out at 177.2. Today, I am 182.4, so that puts me at +5.2. Gar. Hopefully being able to walk the dogs in the morning again will help, but only if I get some pants that actually fit - oh, and a jacket that will adjust for the belly bloat/fat.

Weekly Update:

How far along? 11 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: uh, pay no attention to those 5.2 lbs. of course, that's from 3 days before I found out. I'm betting that most of it came on the week I found out, and then the rest...oh, this week.
Maternity clothes? bought a band-y thing at target. only wore it once. it's hella tight, maybe I shoulda gone L/XL instead of M/L!
Stretch marks? not yet, but I'm betting my underboob is prepping.
Sleep: as long as I can in the morning, please. I haven't had the urge to go to bed right awawy at night lately though.
Best moment this week: telling my other grandmother! this weekend: my dad. (dun dun dun)
Movement: nopers, too early.
Food cravings: bacon. white mac n cheese. sugary drinks.
Gender: not a clue.
Labor Signs: N/A
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: beer.
What I am looking forward to: my next appt, I guess. oh, and getting the Baby Bargains book, because I want to keep working on my List. I have Lists for everything (see: pg diet list, vitamin chart, etc.)
Weekly Wisdom: go to bed, Cat.
Milestones: checking out the bloat/belly and realizing...that's not just fat in there anymore. There's something the size of a clementine that's housing a little AB.

Oh, here's another milestone for you: Blood Draw. Went swimmingly!
I walked in, very very nervous. Had to pee like a mofo. Probably because of the nerves.
So I was the only one there for about ten minutes...took my #...waited...waited some more...someone else walked in...finally, someone came out. Took me back to a little room, got my info, gave me the pee cup. I did that (honestly it took longer for that than the blood!), then went back and paced in front of the little chair. It had an arm that went in front of you when you sat down.
I told her I was afraid of needles, she asked what my reaction was...I don't remember! I think just your basic fear, because the last time I had blood drawn it was over 10 years ago. She said "well I use the butterfly needle, very small."
I popped a ginger chew in the hopes it would distract me and let her go to town. Started singing "fireflies" in my head; sometimes that helps. She asked me some questions, and it helped to talk, because at least I know I'm not passing out while talking. The ginger chew began to get really bad, right about when I began to get a little light-headed. I told her about it, and she said, ok, how are you feeling now? Now? Aaaaand I'm done.
uh...really? that was it? I didn't even get through a verse. It really didn't hurt, it was more psychological for me, and she got like 6 vials. *whew* that went better than I thought.
So, I survived! Yay me!