Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ok, registry.

I registered at BRU and Tarjay. I have no idea for what I registered, as I set both up online and then went to the stores to complete, and promptly forgot about it.

I wish there were something to say "here is what you will need" and "don't bother with this." I have tried to get recs as best I can - TB has a list, and so does BRU, and I do have a list of things that people haven't needed at all. But where do I stop? What about the things I want that aren't in the stores?

Here are some things I would like to get, but I've kind of resigned myself to watching sales, because I don't think anyone will buy these and they're not available in the stores I go to:
- muslin swaddling wraps
- cloth diapers
- washable baby wipes (aka cotton rags/washcloths)
- organic anything (cribsheets, mostly)

But no one ever tells you how much you need. How many of these suckers do I really need?

towels, short-sleeve onesies, long-sleeve onesies, pj's with feet, socks, washcloths, burp cloths, tees and pants, mittens, swaddling blankets, pacifiers, bottles, bibs

oh goodness. and then there are the sizes. start out with newborn? 0-3? how many 3-6? plan for long-sleeve only in 3-6 since he'll be born october-ish? will it be really cold in october? gar. I don't really want to buy anything now, as the usual around my area is that you will have a baby shower, but on the other hand - I want to stock this kid up!!!

Stuff I've Already Bought:
Guitar jumpsuit, 0-3
elephant onesie, 0-3
elephant blanket
elephant socks
blue sleeper gown, newborn
blue elephant bib w/ paci clip

Stuff I've "Inherited:"
two pairs mittens
hat & mitten set
pair of shoes

Tuesday, June 29, 2010's a weekly update!

I really don't think I can call them weekly any more, now that I've been truly slacking. But I will anyway.

Had another appointment on Monday, it was good, short and sweet like I like 'em! HB is 140, measuring well, gained 5 lbs since my last appt, lol. Which brings me to what, 7 lbs total? At least I know it's all baby ::ignores scale that tells me I gained in body fat %::.

The only tests or special things left that I have are the GBS (group B strep test, I believe it's called? yay, ass swab) and one ultrasound around 36 wks. I did ask about movement, and the kick counts, and the dr said that she doesn't ask moms to do that because it usually just drives them crazy (lol, I have known this to happen, not naming names) - instead, she asks that we just keep in mind how much they normally move, and at what times, and to call if anything is unusual, trust our instincts. And after I expressed concern with him not moving very much that weekend after kicking up a storm thurs and fri, the second I get back to work after my appt he starts having a disco party.

And Here Begins The List:

Total weight gain/loss: I was at 182something as of this weekend, so about 5lbs total. I'll check again on Thursday, which is my usual "weigh-in" day.

Maternity clothes? um, yes. totally. and I am now on the lookout for dresses, as I have discovered that they *gasp* actually don't look half bad when I have belly to disguise my oddly-shaped hip structure.

Stretch marks? the same ones I've always had. what's new: veiny boobs. ugh.

Sleep: it's ok, until I wake up and my upper back is killing me and the sheets are wet from me sweating. stupid heat wave.

Best moment this week: so far, hearing the womp womp womp of small fry's heartbeat. Oh, and registering for birthing classes and making an appointment for a prenatal massage! woot woot!

Movement: only when I'm not expecting it, ha ha. 630am usually. he does this new thing where (I think) he runs his foot/elbow/etc along his cave, it feels reeeeaaaaally weird.

Food cravings: hmm...gyoza!

Gender: team penis!

Labor Signs: some small BH, at least I think they are. called the doc, said to drink some water & lie on left side, the usual. it was just a general "tightening and hardening" of the ute area, usually when I stood up from sitting too long. Happened 4 times, seems to be better now.

Belly Button in or out? still a little shallow, and now doing this fun thing where the rest of my belly is overtaking it. very itchy. free baby lotion that came with all my dr packages = awesome for that. also, this stuff:
ahh, korres yogurt body butter.

What I miss: still missing my Reading Roll sushi.

What I am looking forward to: redoing the baby room, hopefully before the crib gets here!

Weekly Wisdom: do your yoga, cat. seriously.

Milestones: passing (slowly) into the Third Trimester. It's the final one, you know.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I never realized until I put this shirt on

How much me + maternity tents shirts =

Case in point:

Friday, June 11, 2010


I'm actually up on this today:

check me out, all blurry. and with bangs!

Monday, June 7, 2010

No Offense, Ed.

But this?

Um, reminds me of the 80's. And not in a good way.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I posted a poll!

And it looks good, so now it inspires me to redo my whole blog. *sigh* I don't have time for these sorts of distractions at work. Can you imagine how I'll be once the kid's actually here? Completely off my rocker. I locked myself out of my house this morning.

ANYWAY...let me know which baby bedding you like! The room is very light green, almost a seafoam type of color, instead of having any blue tint. When I actually get the room looking a little better I'll post a pic. Or maybe I should do it now, with the before and after, hmm...

But I digress. Vote for Elle!

here are the links to the bedding I like, I'm mainly looking at the crib skirt and bumper as the sheets will be changed, and I'm not going to go for an entire room themed to match.
Blue Elephant, Tall Tales, Bali Baby, Tranquil Baby.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I think my dr called me fat.

I probably would too, though, haha. Had my monthly small fry appointment today, was reading Your Best Birth last night so I had all these things I wanted to ask as a preliminary to birthing questions, and of course had a bad night - complete with fun freaky dreams, and not the brown chicken brown cow type of freaky - so I was a bit off this morning.

I could hardly pee in the cup, even though I drank a full glass of water before the appointment. So far, I've been able to avoid that little blunder (I did that once while taking a test for a job, and it was no fun - but I was lucky to get a really nice nurse/tech/whomever!) - but I'll have to start drinking a gallon before my appointments just in case. The dr seemed a little off this morning too, but it's only my 2nd meeting with her, so as time goes on I will see how her personality is.

The questions I asked were along the lines of:
"Can you move around at the hospital, or do you always have to be on your back on the bed?" A: yes you can move around until you are ready to deliver, be walking, be on the ball, etc.
"What is the IV like? Do they give you one immediately?" A: they'll give you one when you come in, just in case you need fluids or medication, but you won't be coming in until your contractions are timed a certain way, remember? It's just the catheter that they put in your hand, you won't be connected to a pole and you can still move around.
"Can you eat anything?" A: while in the hospital in active labor we won't give you anything to eat, just drink. But if you're laboring at home, you can eat up until you leave. Also, if we have to do an induction, we plan to feed you, there will be breaks and such if it is a long labor. We don't starve people, don't worry.

I still have a lot more to ask, she said to write them down (duh, go me) and ask away. I also asked about weight gain, because as of yesterday I am at 180.2 and somewhat anxious that the fry isn't getting enough. She said not to worry, that the baby would get it before I would. It's probably just because I've been eating healthier (just chowed down on a burger, so all that healthy stuff went out the window this lunch session, lol) etc. and if I had started out at 100 lbs, then she'd be worried. I had to laugh at that one - yeah, I definitely had enough meat on my butt bones before this to justify a small weight gain.

So, here's an update for you!

Total weight gain/loss: let's see, I think I started around 177.2, and I'm about at 180.2, so three pounds, whoo-hoo!

Maternity clothes? Actually wearing normal pants today, albeit tight. But yes, mat clothes complete me.

Stretch marks? my boobs may be taking the brunt of this latest stretching.

Sleep: really enjoying my new body pillow, not enjoying being woken up by snoring (thanks, hubs)

Best moment this week: MIL and GMIL offering to pay for our crib, then planning a special trip to the store to p/u said crib, and hubs wanting to go with us.

Movement: a couple different types: being headbutted, being kicked, flipping, and my favorite - a general trying to escape.

Food cravings: salad. mmmmm

Gender: team penis!

Labor Signs: N/A

Belly Button in or out? still the same, hanging in there.

What I miss: a special kind of sushi, but only at times when other people are eating it, lol.

What I am looking forward to: SHOPPING!

Weekly Wisdom: you NEED to stretch every day, or else you will be asking yourself "why didn't I stretch today?"

Milestones: receiving and reading my mom's baby book - the one she wrote while pg with me. it was fantastic to explore that side of her, which is something she normally won't share. It was very...humbling. And loving.