Friday, February 29, 2008

Oscars, Veggie Pizza, and Yogalates - oh my!

I was logging my daily intake of yummy goodies this morning when I found that a new favorite, corn chowder, is not on the usual website. It's made by Amy's, but when I tried to find out more it's not there! Is this the case of the missing corn chowder? Who knows. Amazon sells it by the case, so if I do get an insatiable craving for it, at least I know where to find it. That and Crystal Pepsi (which, by the way, you can sign a petition to bring back if you feel so motivated.)

OSCARS - I had a massive headache so I only made it partially through these. I believe I was also distracted by "Mystery Diagnosis" (Discovery Health rocks my world) which can only be described as some good tv. I was impressed, however, that Tilda Swinton managed to use the words "buttocks," "nipples," and "George Clooney" in the same sentence. Hooray for you, Tilda. Even though you're not a former exotic dancer/stripper/whatever like Diablo Cody, you still manage to shake things up a bit.

Veggie Pizza - yum. We're getting pizza from Bruno's today at work, they have bangin pizza (stole that word from my brother circa 2006). Although I do pick most of the veggies off, because I am not a fan of mushrooms and onions. But hey, there's always the peppers and... what else comes on it? Broccoli maybe?

Yogalates - Attempted a pilates DVD given to me by K which is masquerading as a yoga DVD. There's an Australian woman who doesn't talk that much about spiritual relaxation etc so that was a good point. But I was annoyed by the double braids. I can't concentrate when I'm being told to twist my body in odd ways by someone who stepped out of "Little House in the Outback."

Flash Flood Warning - we will soon be inundated by a flood of Hollywood babies. Make sure you keep your homes safe from the barrage of highly-priced useless baby items and keep your kids up on their lessons, because they will need to know how to spell the new, unusual names that are sure to follow. If you see Angelina, hide your small children. She's a collector.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

In the beginning...

...There was a blog.
Greetings! This is my first attempt at documenting my day-to-day doldrums and not-so-doldrums (pause to look up doldrums... ok got it right). As I've come to know more and more about this wonderful thing AG invented called Internet, I've come to find it gets more and more scary as people are able to connect in ways they never really expected.
For example, on a recent trip to a food/health website, where I was searching for the number of calories in the Kashi granola bar I just ate, I came upon someone I had gone to high school with. This doesn't sound scary, but if you consider that the day before, I had also come across his family's website while avoiding work, then it ups the 'whoa' factor. I'm not talkin Joey Lawrence 'whoa,' I'm talkin Keanu Reeves 'whoa.'
Sigh...back to non-Internet work.