Wednesday, November 12, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Cookies!

So everyone on WC keeps asking about Cmas cookies (already, I know) and since I have the Food Network's 12 Days of Cookies emails from about two-three years back, I figured I'd post the list to maybe give some ideas. If you wanna make it really fun, do it like one of those email forward thingies, and color the ones you've already made. Whee, cookie fun! Oh also, I have the recipes so if you want any of them let me know!

12 Days of Cookies: 2004

1) Ginger Spice Cookies
2) Maamoul: Stuffed Date-Orange Cookies
3) Citrus Shortbreads
4) Welsh Cookies (similar to a sweet scone with currants)
5) Ribbon or Swirl Cookies (a make-ahead freezer dough using chocolate and vanilla)
6) Mixed-Nut Honey Baklava
7) Czech Squares (with a walnut crust and cherry jam)
8) Cornmeal Wreath Cookies
9) Swedish Christmas Cookies
10) Hazelnut Mocha Macaroons
11) Triple Chocolate Cookies
12) White Chocolate Holiday Bark

12 Days of Cookies: 2005

1) Ginger Cookies
2) Hazelnut Crunch: Noci Croccante (hazelnut brittle)
3) Rosemary-Cheese Spritz Cookies
4) Toasted Coconut Marshmallows
5) S'more Rockin' Reindeer Ravioli
6) Christmas Citrus Squares
7) Mexican Wedding Cookies (simple pecan cookies dusted with powdered sugar)
8) Sherry Butter Nut Drops
9) Chocolate Dipped Hazelnut Shortbread
10) Booze Balls
11) 3-in-1 Sugar Cookies
12) White Chocolate Holiday Bark (with a vengeance)
BONUS COOKIE: Chocolate Peppermint Pizzelle

12 Days of Cookies: 2006

1) Black and White Tie cookies
2) Almond Shortbreads
3) (uh-oh, I'm missing day three!!)
4) Peanut Butter and Chocolate Biscotti
5) Chocolate Cheesecake Candy Cane Bars
6) Whoopee Pie
7) Golden Rugalach
8) Iced Citrus Crackle Cookies
9) Coconut-Cranberry Macaroon
10) Super Gooey Chocolate Drops
11) Ginger Pecan Oatmeal Crisps
12) Butter and Jam Thumbprints
BONUS COOKIE: Angel Wings (ver quick cookie using puff pastry)

12 Days of Cookies: 2007

1) Almond Lace Cookies (Florentines)
2) Moravian Spice Cookie Wafers
3) Double Chocolate Sable Cookies
4) Walnut Sugar Cookies (Kourabiedes)
5) Cinnamon Stars (Zimtsterne)
6) Crumb Cookies (Fregolata)
7) Sesame Rings
8) Chocolate Oat Cakes
9) Peanut Butter Nanaimo Bar (I have made these before, DELICIOUS!)
10) Spoon Cookies (Lusikkaleivat) (cookies with jam)
11) Fruit and Nut Bars (Mazurkas)
12) Pistacio Melbas
BONUS COOKIE: Coconut-Peanut Cookies (Galletas Maria)

2008 soon to come!


Anonymous said...

Oooh! This makes me excited for December!

Carol VR said...

Heads up, the DEC/JAN edition of the WC recipe exchange has been posted at NOW THAT'S WHAT'S COOKING.

I hope you can join us!