Friday, February 26, 2010


(belly pic friday)

I think my boobs might have gotten bigger. And my butt. Apparently, AB is hiding there.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

So...when does reality bite me?

As in, when am I going to feel like I'm actually pregnant, and there will be a kid that I have to take care of for the rest of my life, and I'll be poppin it out of my vag around September? Cause right now, I feel like a faker.

I just posted a reply in a "post here and win!" job over on 1st tri (hours of entertainment, that board), and it felt...wrong. Like I was just making it up to get the prize. Which would be great, but this time, not true. A.B. is actually down there, somewhere, under my six-pack of fat. (A.B. is alien baby, cause that's what I flash to when picturing giving birth.) The only reason I know, though, is because I haven't had AF in a loooong time (don't miss that), there were several tests, one dildocam, and loverly loverly nips of fiah and pg stomach.

When did it sink in for you?

Well, it's about time for an update!

First, listy time:

How far along? 10 weeks today, WOOT
Total weight gain/loss: um. 1.1+ I believe, but that's from Tuesday, and taking into account that I have no idea where I was when I first got pg but I'm thinking an even 180 will do.
Maternity clothes? just fat pants and bigger shirts. goodbye, tight sweaters!
Stretch marks? other than the ones I currently have all over ma thighs, nada
Sleep: was interrupted, rather rudely, the other day at 5:40 am by the urge to pee NOW OMG AM I GONNA MAKE IT TO THE BR?? other than that, normal.
Best moment this week: telling my grandmother (one of them). First grandchild on my side, first great-grand as well.
Movement: nopers, too early.
Food cravings: salad, still. strawberry ice cream, which I can't stand normally. gravy and mashed potatoes, but that's nothing new. ; )
Gender: not a clue.
Labor Signs: N/A
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: that grape cosmo from California Pizza Kitchen. *sigh*
What I am looking forward to: um...NOT the blood tests I have to get this weekend. Hopefully I can guilt someone into going with me to hold shiny things before me and distract me from the ::whispers:: needles
Weekly Wisdom: I haz none for this week. Sorry, fearless readers.
Milestones: letting the cat out of the bag, to people I wanted to know. and my MIL announcing she's going to be a g-ma on FB. fan-tastic. wonder who saw that who didn't know.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Appointment.

I feel like I'm making chalk marks on the wall for each one I accomplish. I really should, though!

So, yesterday was the big 1st appointment. Wheeeeee. I made sure to drink a bottle of HonesTea (love it) beforehand, in case they were going to do a real u/s (sorry dildocam, don't mean to make you feel inferior). But she said, empty the bladder, we're stickin it up your vag. **she did not literally say that, don't worry interwebz**

I got in, confirmed my ins info, Hubs gaped at the 8million+ baby pictures on the walls from my dr delivering since the age of the dinosaurs, and then we were called back. They took my bp (126/74 I believe?), weighed me (182ish I think, fantastic), and told me to take off my pants & jacket undies and hop up on the exam table, besheeted. We waited for a while, I'm assuming some other patients were taking up time. Come on people, I have a blob to see. We spent our time taking a gander at the propaganda on the wall for birthing: posters of dilation, effacement, baby-belly-cross-sections, etc. They give me the willies every time I'm there.

Just as Hubs is glancing in horror at the transvaginal u/s poster (wait, is that what they'll be doing? is it ok that we had sex?), the dr comes in; and I completely forget to introduce my husband. He asked all the usual questions, was it planned? Weren't you on the pill? No more migraines? Vitamins? Were your periods regular? (knowing what I know, I completely fumbled with that question, because I've handed out my fair share of "everyone is different dust" so I said they were averaging between 30-40 days when I was off of the pill.)

He did a pap and some regular exam-type stuff first (I think...I know he stuck the speculum of death up there and was rooting around) and then moved on to the dildocam. When the cam was all lubed- and condomed-up, up the vag it went.
I got to see the sights up on the big screen he had on the top shelf (prompted a "what, they let you watch tv during your exam?" from Hubs prior to dr's entry). My uterus flashed up, complete with blob in the middle. There it was. I had a moment of slight panic while dr was doing his measure-and-point-out-the-sights thing; there's the cord, there's the arm bud, etc. and then he stopped and focused and I saw a tiny flickering on the screen.

"That's your baby's heartbeat." Such a simple sentence, but so much to it. I literally laughed every time I saw it flicker from a different angle. It was so surreal. I tried to look up at Hubs at one point, and his face was tilted up to the screen, so I couldn't read his expression - but I heard a little laugh from him too.

From the measuring, I have an EDD now of 9/23/10. So it looks like I'll be 9w tomorrow. ZOMG. So. Scary.

Oh, and also? I'm taking over as of rightthisiinstant for the other pg girl here. Cause she's on bedrest. Yikes. I really hope she is going to be ok. But of course, I am nervous about being able to do this job, because it is somewhat of a higher-stress one than mine. Gar. to look at things for my registry! ::evil laugh::

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

PG Diet Spreadsheet

Because, why yes, I am a giant nerd.

Comparison of a few different "diets" for pregnancy, the best foods for certain vitamins and nutrients, and what not to eat.


Monday, February 1, 2010

And one of those pregnancy-listy things.

Stolen from someone else's blog. It could be anyone, so if you want to sue me, go ahead. My real name is Lady Gaga.
Also - I added one, because I thought it would be neat to track.

How far along? 6 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: um...-1 lb?
Symptoms: pregnancy stomach (I can't eat whole meals or I get nauseated/crampy, and I have gas every night), and nips on fiah.
Maternity clothes? nope, just the fat pants. which, I might need more of oh, say Tuesday.
Sleep: I find myself going to bed earlier. It's kind of nice.
Best moment this week: telling one of the ladies at church and having her pull a Stacy: SHUT UP!
Movement: only the lack of movement of anything in my intestines.
Gender: n/a
Labor Signs: n/a
Belly Button in or out? I like to compare it to the Mariana Trench.
What I miss: sushi. one roll in particular. I love the place, and I know that women eat it all the time, but just can't bring myself to do it.
What I am looking forward to: first appointment, Feb 16th.
Weekly Wisdom: Ya gotta know when to eat. And when to stop. Hello, pregnancy stomach.
Milestones: um...6 weeks?