Saturday, October 3, 2015

Some days, I make lunch.

So the burrito started kindergarten last month. It's a full day, 9-3, at a local place (read: I'm able to walk there, so if you see me driving him to school and it's not raining/snowing, yell at me), and he loves it so far. There are so many different things they do; I'm kind of scared to send him to the regular public school next year, ha.

So a friend of mine was showing off her Yumbox (lol, cute name, guys) and I decided that would be a whole lot easier than messing with cheap plastic or glass. It's usually sammiches for lunch, but sometimes I get a little more creative. I'm no pinterest queen though, so don't be expecting meals looking like pumpkin patches or spider webs or shit. You want fun baked goods, sure. I'm not out to impress my five-year-old with everyday lunchscapes.

Here are some so far, with the four- and six-compartment boxes:
Grapes, cucumber and carrot sticks, cheddar crackers, cucumber and tomato salad, "lunchables" days,
 PB&J, apple slices, hummus he picked out himself, sliced pickles, cheese sticks, yogurt, chicken cubes, and some gummy alligators
Makes for a happy lunch. So far. I'm going to try to branch out more, I promise. Probably when I run out of bread.