Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The genius that is pregnancy brain.

So, I have the big ultrasound (anatomy scan, and also where you can find out the sex of the baby if you would like) in April. April 18th, to be exact (or so I thought on Monday)... I went looking for the card with my appointment info on it, and found it at precisely 10:55 Monday March 11th. The April appointment info was on the back of a card listing my MARCH appointment...

Wait for it...

Which was listed at 10:45 on Monday March 11th. Pure. Genius. They should bottle this so people could prank their friends, like putting ex-lax in brownies: "lol, you just drank that! I put pregnancy brain in it. You'll be confused and forgetful the rest of the day!!!1!1!!"

SO, then we were supposed to go to a mom's group playdate at local restaurant with playplace for the kids. There are several of these around, but I thought when glancing at the website for the mom's group, I had the right location. It's pouring out, natch, and we actually get there FIVE MINUTES EARLY (this never happens), and order some breakfast. I look around - it's now 10:00 - there's no one here that even remotely resembles a mom with or without a child. 10:05, I asked them if they could make my order to go instead, because I have a sinking feeling that I picked the wrong location. Check the website: playplace, across from tarjay. Ok, we're here...WAIT...both of the playplaces in the area are across from tarjay...and the city name is not where I live, it's the nearby city, which means...I HAVE THE WRONG ONE!

I post a comment in the mom's group saying I'm going to be about 15 minutes late and we leave, eating our breakfast in the car on the way. Get to playplace #2. Couple of moms inside, with kids. I ask if they are from the mom's group., what mom's group? Fuck. Apparently I was right the first time, it's just that everyone else was late. See? More proof of how the universe wants me to be late. *sigh* I posted again in the group, something about how today just wasn't going the right way, I'll take an actual "rain check" and see them at the next playplace playdate. I just didn't have the heart to go into the story, although I'm sure just writing "pregnancy brain" would suffice.