Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Burrito Eats; and other small plates of food

I'm not sure where I was, but I was out at a store (shocker), probably tarjay (another shocker), and saw these awesome plastic partitioned lunch-tray-type plates. So I bought some for the kid. Because, who doesn't like lunchable-style shit?

That's right, no one. I'm pretty sure even that baby who doesn't like Jimmy Fallon free money likes lunchables.

So sometimes for dinner, I make him a little plate of a bunch of different things so he can pick and choose as he likes. Because I know picking and choosing are a toddler's favorite things (and it all belongs to him of course, even if he doesn't choose it).

mamarazzi, I'm eating here.

Also on my list of fun small bites: a fun appetizer I first had at my friend's house, made by her momma, when I was like 13. And now I'm old and shit. But don't think I'm old. Which is made even more clear by the interns from local colleges at work *sniff*.

It's really simple: slice baguette in rounds about 3/4 inch thick, add mayonnaise (the real stuff, we like fat), a cucumber slice, and some Krazy Salt. It's real, I promise:

Also fun to snack on? Cookies. I had some extra time and almost a full bag of chocolate chips one day, so I decided to grab the bull by the horns and make some cookies.
mmm, cookies

 All of these are fast and pretty easy, which are good for nights when I don't feel like cooking or cleaning, but want something familiar. I mean, if we're talking comfort food, you know it's going to take me forever. I can't even nuke a can of soup in under a minute.