Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Best thing since sliced...bars

So I've been having lots of bars for breakfast (or second breakfast) lately, because now that gorgeous weather and semi-gorgeous weather is back, my day starts with a wiener walk.
**insert picture of cute-as-pie perfectly groomed dogs with matching leashes and collars and dog tags here**
We take a different route every day, but they almost always all take 20 minutes. Normally I just walk it without having eaten, but I'm thinking it may be better to have a small smackerel of something before. So I picked up one of these, and one of these:

I had a third of the vanilla this morning, and well, it tasted like soymilk. But it was good, and served its purpose. I'm thinking it might be better blended with banana for a smoothie...but I'm not sure if I'm that adventurous.

After this, I head to work and have second breakfast, which is usually a Luna bar of some sort - the White Chocolate Macadamia are the bomb diggity. But currently, I have fallen in love with a bald guy and so changed my ways - this is my new second breakfast love.

MMMMMM so dang good. There are other kinds too, dontcha know. I'm munching on the chocolate walnut right now. And I don't even mind the walnuts (usually I prefer things sans walnuts, or female).

Dr. Weil, you have my vote. Well done, old chap. I'm not sure if you're British or what but I seem to remember you having some sort of an accent.

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