Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just placed my CD order!

I'm finally jumping off of that cliff into the sea of CD's (cloth diapers). I ordered 20 prefolds, 3 different covers including a newborn one with umbilical scoop, 1 all-in-one set to see how they do, 1 wet bag, and 2 diaper snaps. Granted, I will still probably have a few boxes of diapers on hand for the hubs, who is not CD-friendly. So we'll see how it goes.

Now, my list of things to be done RIGHTHISMOMENTIFNOTYESTERDAY includes:
- ask insurance if they cover the pump
- contact daycare providers (I know, I know, needed to be done last month)
- clean car, get car seat base, have it installed & inspected
- get shelf for clothes that need to be hung up
- pay for your dang etsy hat woman! do it! now!
- put together stroller
- put together swing
- find a place for the p'n'p
- set up the p'n'p
- put all of his clothes away in his shelving unit
- look for a dresser, if need be
- return/buy the rest of the needed stuff at BRU
- return extra stuff to tar-jay, buy online-only items there too
- put together FLOR - this one may require some extra outside help, lol
- either move dvd holder or buy a new shelf for them
- make room in bedroom for co-sleeper (this requires actually cleaning it)
- vacuum, dust, and disinfect the entire house - that shouldn't be too tough, should it?...

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