Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's like space food...for babies

Wow...craziness. A pouch of baby food that you can squeeze out? Fantastic. When it comes with its own spoon? EVEN BETTER! Of course, this is all just a theory until a) a mom gives me opinions or b) I can form my own when the melon starts to actually eat (yes, he has turned into a melon according to my ticker).

The flavors are intriguing though; I don't know if I'd be able to handle making these on my own! Although I am certainly gonna try. You can watch for that failure later.

So, looking at the other products made by this company, I see that there are several items of interest:

bath toy holder/scooper
grass drying rack
snack ball - I kind of picture this as one of those toys you could give a dog, where they couldn't get the snack unless they turn it a certain way. it's not. but I'm planning on inventing one now.

All fantastic items, I wouldn't be able to decide on just one, and I'm already broke though, so maybe I can hide this from myself until after I get more $ (which will be never because the melon is rendering me cash-strapped already!).

But I thought I'd just put this out there for all of you who aren't broke. of you? Heh heh.

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