Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1st Birthing Class

or as my mom called it, push the baby out class.

We got in, had to sit in the front because we were the last ones there (but were actually on time), story of my life. I seriously think this kid's coming in October just so it can be like its mom.

The woman who taught the class is a doula/mid-wife/RN, has had 4 daughters, and said one of the funniest things I've heard about birthing so far - I'll get to that later. She started off throwing a die and asking us to give however many details about ourselves that it landed on, superfun. I love introduction games. Stab. Me. Side note to that: everyone in there was a Philly sports fan except for the people next to us and us: Red Sox and Yankees. LOL.

We went over how the inner organs and ute changes during pg, what will happen up to birth, how the cervix looks, effacement, dilation, softening, etc. We'll also get to see a non-medicated birth and an epi-birth video. We went over a breathing technique also, which in addition to what I'm doing in babyyoga class should help me actually remember to breathe. Apparently I forget sometimes.

Oh, the funny part: she was pointing to one of the big diagram pictures and naming the parts, and she said something about the birth canal. "It's just another word for vagina, but when the baby comes out of it, they call it the birthing canal. You'll get your vagina back later ladies." LOL. Love it.

PS - do your kegels!

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