Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why am I at all surprised anymore.

Most recent text convo with the Hubs:

Hubs: Wats the name of that good choc from switzerland

Kitty: Lindt?

Hubs: I thought it started with a n

Kitty: There are hundreds of chocolates from Switzerland, did you get it somewhere special? (thinking maybe he's trying to remember something he had)

Hubs: Ok maybe its france. The question was who is Hershey biggest competitor in the world!

Kitty: (so he's asking me a trivia question? about chocolate?) Cadbury's I'd say

Hubs: Hershey makes candy for them though i was thinking of that candy you like in the long triangular tube (he can't write out "what" but he can type "long triangular tube?")

Kitty: That's Toblerone and hershey has nothing to do with Cadbury's of England. Hershey just acquired the US side of the business, Cadbury's of England is the biggest confectioner in the world. (Yes, I am a Cadbury's snob, TYVM.)

Hubs: Ok who is their biggest comp in us mars?

Kitty: Could you be thinking of Nestle?

Hubs: I was thinking mars they make mm snickers (you said you were thinking it began with an "N"...)

Kitty: Well then it's Mars. Why are you asking? You thought it started with an n. It's Mars then Nestle acc. to google.

Hubs: work quiz. who is bachman biggest comp in us? Frito lay

...I'm so done.

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krowles1981 said...

Love it! You and the Hubs encounters via text they make me smile. I hope that your day goes well today.