Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 1 of the CFL

So, I decided to give up chocolate for Lent. Oh yeah, and "eating after 8pm" (the hubs' idea, I may enforce it on him as well...). Day one, 10am, doing good so far. Had a baldguybar (Dr. Andrew Weil makes has a company make a banana manna bar which is spectacular) for breakfast because I'm still so full from last night (Pancake Supper at church) and because I still think I smell bacon everywhere, and if you're still hungry after being inundated by bacon for almost 24 hours then you might have a problem.

I'm going to have to hide things, I have figured out, because I will eat them without realizing what I'm eating. Thank goodness there are mashed potatoes because I'd go nuts without some type of comfort food. Oh and the crack dressing (Annie's Naturals Asian Sesame). I'm going to try to eat more salads too and put interesting veggies on them. If you have any suggestions for interesting veggies let me know!

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krowles1981 said...

Mini corn on the cob... water chestnuts... edamame :) those are my random suggestiongs clearly i am on the asian kick.