Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Birthday Cupcakes!

they're LEGENDARY. in the words of neilpatrickharris.

Ok, so I wanted to make cupcakes for my bday. I was aiming for the ones on the MSL cover, which were iced using gel colors and all I have are the regular colors. So they didn't turn out incredible but for my first cupcakes I think they were satisfactory.

Recipes to come, I used the MSL one for One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes and the Buttercream frosting (in the last catalog) and I used my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook's recipe for the vanilla ones - Starlight Yellow Cake, I believe it was called? I wanted to do the Silver White Cake but didn't have something that the recipe called for...can't remember what though!


For the frosting, I doubled the recipe, and used That 70's Mixer (as posted yesterday on WC, I don't usually use a mixer, and only used it for the frosting in this case) which is ancient and small and gave off this funny almost-burning smell when I turned it to 9 (it has numbered speeds, not medium, high, etc.). But I powered through, getting butter and powdered sugar all over my kitchen - but it was worth it.

Meet the frosting:

I didn't have any bags so I used a ziploc freezer bag with the tip cut off - that's why the frosting is so weird-shaped. Next time: bag with tips. I'll branch out to decorative frosting.

My coworkers are somewhat scared this morning by the multi-colored cupcakes, but oh well - they taste damn good.

PS - that frosting, it is superb. SUPERB. Thus filed in Proof of Domestic Awesomeness.

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