Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Well, that was fun. And painful.

Had my 39-wk appointment this morning! I'm 39w3d technically. Went in, got weighed, ignored the scale after I saw the 20_.__, told them about the two times I had cramping at around 4am, that was about it.

**warning - possible grossness ahead.**

Dr man came in to check me, I was anticipating the uncomfortableness this time so I was prepared with my breathing, lol. He also said he was going to "agitate" the membranes (after this I started referring to him in my head as the Maytag Man), and I was like sure, ok, and the nurse laughed. He checked for dilation and effacement first - 2cm, 70% - and then started doing something that was quite uncomfortable, but not exactly painful. The breathing did help, although I only had to take two deep, long breaths and it was done. Immediately afterward, it felt like menstrual cramps. I sat up and the nurse handed me a pad - which is where I remembered what I forgot to buy at the store!

I had a little spotting while at the dr's, but the cramping has gotten a little more uncomfortable. Went to the br a little while ago, whee more spotting (I know, totally gross, but didn't you read that warning?), which looked a little mucus-y so I'm hopeful that my plug has started to vacate the premises.

And oh yeah, OUCH! Back pain! I just started to notice it becoming more painful than uncomfortable. I've got my timery thing all ready online, but I can't really tell when it starts and when it ends. I'm sure it's just a prelude to actual pain, though. I'm thinking that because I can't tell when it starts or ends that it's not a contraction and just more of the same. We'll see.

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