Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mmm, back labor.

I haz it. I woke up at about 130 in a fair amount of fun, fun pain in my lower back, went to the bathroom. Cue more fun spotting.
200, up again. Hmmm...could be something more than just having to go to the bathroom.
230, figured I'd better start timing to see what happens. The pain had a discernable beginning, a hazy ending, and lasted about 3-4 mins, about 10 mins apart.

So, cut to me, on the couch, laptop in sight, and oh yes, blogging away. I'm timing things with the help of, I think, and basically just...waiting. Drinking some gatorade. Trying to rest. The usual for a Wednesday morning at 3am. Didn't I tell you people? 3am!

Oh, and ouch.

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