Thursday, September 9, 2010

so, nursing wear.

thou art my conundrum. How much to buy? and When? it's almost like the baby clothes dilemma - will he come out and be in newborn, or in 0-3? how much of each do I need? when do I start stocking up on 3-6? the clothes that I have will be answered in another post - time to pick out things for me now.

So far, I have bought:

Gilligan & O'Malley nursing tank from Tar-jay
I picked up a navy number with lace trim the other day when I was out, just to try it. I'm usually a M in items like this (it's loverly being two different sizes - M on top, L on bottom), but I figured since my bazoombas are gigantic now and will be milkified for a while, L would do it. It fit fine, obviously not around the stomach area because I'm still with melon, but I have to say, it did make me feel a bit like I needed to strap on some leather chaps, get my cat o' nine tails out and work on my dominatrix name. Modern-day torture instrument? No, nursing tank. But it'll serve its purpose, I'm sure. And it looks pretty.

Glamourmom nursing tank
This one was on sale at one of the sites, zulily I think? I took a chance. It looks pretty, again, I'm sure this is my main motivating factor in life - but is it pretty?
I was interested in trying one of the online brands, and this is the first I came to.

Next up: I'll have to go back to tar-jay of course. What I'm aiming for will be 2 sleep nursing bras and 2 regular nursing bras. Will this be enough? Help me, interwebz.

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