Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ok, registry.

I registered at BRU and Tarjay. I have no idea for what I registered, as I set both up online and then went to the stores to complete, and promptly forgot about it.

I wish there were something to say "here is what you will need" and "don't bother with this." I have tried to get recs as best I can - TB has a list, and so does BRU, and I do have a list of things that people haven't needed at all. But where do I stop? What about the things I want that aren't in the stores?

Here are some things I would like to get, but I've kind of resigned myself to watching sales, because I don't think anyone will buy these and they're not available in the stores I go to:
- muslin swaddling wraps
- cloth diapers
- washable baby wipes (aka cotton rags/washcloths)
- organic anything (cribsheets, mostly)

But no one ever tells you how much you need. How many of these suckers do I really need?

towels, short-sleeve onesies, long-sleeve onesies, pj's with feet, socks, washcloths, burp cloths, tees and pants, mittens, swaddling blankets, pacifiers, bottles, bibs

oh goodness. and then there are the sizes. start out with newborn? 0-3? how many 3-6? plan for long-sleeve only in 3-6 since he'll be born october-ish? will it be really cold in october? gar. I don't really want to buy anything now, as the usual around my area is that you will have a baby shower, but on the other hand - I want to stock this kid up!!!

Stuff I've Already Bought:
Guitar jumpsuit, 0-3
elephant onesie, 0-3
elephant blanket
elephant socks
blue sleeper gown, newborn
blue elephant bib w/ paci clip

Stuff I've "Inherited:"
two pairs mittens
hat & mitten set
pair of shoes

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