Tuesday, June 29, 2010

aaaand...it's a weekly update!

I really don't think I can call them weekly any more, now that I've been truly slacking. But I will anyway.

Had another appointment on Monday, it was good, short and sweet like I like 'em! HB is 140, measuring well, gained 5 lbs since my last appt, lol. Which brings me to what, 7 lbs total? At least I know it's all baby ::ignores scale that tells me I gained in body fat %::.

The only tests or special things left that I have are the GBS (group B strep test, I believe it's called? yay, ass swab) and one ultrasound around 36 wks. I did ask about movement, and the kick counts, and the dr said that she doesn't ask moms to do that because it usually just drives them crazy (lol, I have known this to happen, not naming names) - instead, she asks that we just keep in mind how much they normally move, and at what times, and to call if anything is unusual, trust our instincts. And after I expressed concern with him not moving very much that weekend after kicking up a storm thurs and fri, the second I get back to work after my appt he starts having a disco party.

And Here Begins The List:

Total weight gain/loss: I was at 182something as of this weekend, so about 5lbs total. I'll check again on Thursday, which is my usual "weigh-in" day.

Maternity clothes? um, yes. totally. and I am now on the lookout for dresses, as I have discovered that they *gasp* actually don't look half bad when I have belly to disguise my oddly-shaped hip structure.

Stretch marks? the same ones I've always had. what's new: veiny boobs. ugh.

Sleep: it's ok, until I wake up and my upper back is killing me and the sheets are wet from me sweating. stupid heat wave.

Best moment this week: so far, hearing the womp womp womp of small fry's heartbeat. Oh, and registering for birthing classes and making an appointment for a prenatal massage! woot woot!

Movement: only when I'm not expecting it, ha ha. 630am usually. he does this new thing where (I think) he runs his foot/elbow/etc along his cave, it feels reeeeaaaaally weird.

Food cravings: hmm...gyoza!

Gender: team penis!

Labor Signs: some small BH, at least I think they are. called the doc, said to drink some water & lie on left side, the usual. it was just a general "tightening and hardening" of the ute area, usually when I stood up from sitting too long. Happened 4 times, seems to be better now.

Belly Button in or out? still a little shallow, and now doing this fun thing where the rest of my belly is overtaking it. very itchy. free baby lotion that came with all my dr packages = awesome for that. also, this stuff:
ahh, korres yogurt body butter.

What I miss: still missing my Reading Roll sushi.

What I am looking forward to: redoing the baby room, hopefully before the crib gets here!

Weekly Wisdom: do your yoga, cat. seriously.

Milestones: passing (slowly) into the Third Trimester. It's the final one, you know.

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