Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I think my dr called me fat.

I probably would too, though, haha. Had my monthly small fry appointment today, was reading Your Best Birth last night so I had all these things I wanted to ask as a preliminary to birthing questions, and of course had a bad night - complete with fun freaky dreams, and not the brown chicken brown cow type of freaky - so I was a bit off this morning.

I could hardly pee in the cup, even though I drank a full glass of water before the appointment. So far, I've been able to avoid that little blunder (I did that once while taking a test for a job, and it was no fun - but I was lucky to get a really nice nurse/tech/whomever!) - but I'll have to start drinking a gallon before my appointments just in case. The dr seemed a little off this morning too, but it's only my 2nd meeting with her, so as time goes on I will see how her personality is.

The questions I asked were along the lines of:
"Can you move around at the hospital, or do you always have to be on your back on the bed?" A: yes you can move around until you are ready to deliver, be walking, be on the ball, etc.
"What is the IV like? Do they give you one immediately?" A: they'll give you one when you come in, just in case you need fluids or medication, but you won't be coming in until your contractions are timed a certain way, remember? It's just the catheter that they put in your hand, you won't be connected to a pole and you can still move around.
"Can you eat anything?" A: while in the hospital in active labor we won't give you anything to eat, just drink. But if you're laboring at home, you can eat up until you leave. Also, if we have to do an induction, we plan to feed you, there will be breaks and such if it is a long labor. We don't starve people, don't worry.

I still have a lot more to ask, she said to write them down (duh, go me) and ask away. I also asked about weight gain, because as of yesterday I am at 180.2 and somewhat anxious that the fry isn't getting enough. She said not to worry, that the baby would get it before I would. It's probably just because I've been eating healthier (just chowed down on a burger, so all that healthy stuff went out the window this lunch session, lol) etc. and if I had started out at 100 lbs, then she'd be worried. I had to laugh at that one - yeah, I definitely had enough meat on my butt bones before this to justify a small weight gain.

So, here's an update for you!

Total weight gain/loss: let's see, I think I started around 177.2, and I'm about at 180.2, so three pounds, whoo-hoo!

Maternity clothes? Actually wearing normal pants today, albeit tight. But yes, mat clothes complete me.

Stretch marks? my boobs may be taking the brunt of this latest stretching.

Sleep: really enjoying my new body pillow, not enjoying being woken up by snoring (thanks, hubs)

Best moment this week: MIL and GMIL offering to pay for our crib, then planning a special trip to the store to p/u said crib, and hubs wanting to go with us.

Movement: a couple different types: being headbutted, being kicked, flipping, and my favorite - a general trying to escape.

Food cravings: salad. mmmmm

Gender: team penis!

Labor Signs: N/A

Belly Button in or out? still the same, hanging in there.

What I miss: a special kind of sushi, but only at times when other people are eating it, lol.

What I am looking forward to: SHOPPING!

Weekly Wisdom: you NEED to stretch every day, or else you will be asking yourself "why didn't I stretch today?"

Milestones: receiving and reading my mom's baby book - the one she wrote while pg with me. it was fantastic to explore that side of her, which is something she normally won't share. It was very...humbling. And loving.

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