Thursday, June 3, 2010

I posted a poll!

And it looks good, so now it inspires me to redo my whole blog. *sigh* I don't have time for these sorts of distractions at work. Can you imagine how I'll be once the kid's actually here? Completely off my rocker. I locked myself out of my house this morning.

ANYWAY...let me know which baby bedding you like! The room is very light green, almost a seafoam type of color, instead of having any blue tint. When I actually get the room looking a little better I'll post a pic. Or maybe I should do it now, with the before and after, hmm...

But I digress. Vote for Elle!

here are the links to the bedding I like, I'm mainly looking at the crib skirt and bumper as the sheets will be changed, and I'm not going to go for an entire room themed to match.
Blue Elephant, Tall Tales, Bali Baby, Tranquil Baby.

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