Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today might be a good day.

I'm going to the gym tonight. So exciting. I don't know why. But I think it's because of the new healthy kick I'm on. I went to tar-jay yesterday and got spinach, yogurt, goldfish (I blame brooke), and some other goodies. Couldn't find any pg or pre-natal dvds, so I just did regular yoga this morning.

Went to borders after that to pick up What To Expect... and got myself some grapefruit lip balm. Yum. I only read about 1/8 of the way into it, but there were a lot of sections I could skip. I glanced at Your Pregnancy Week by Week on the shelf, and I think I might get that too (coupon happy), just to know. My "symptoms" come and go - really, it's only one symptom - and it kind of has me freaked out. I know I'm not alone in this, as evidenced by a post on BOTB this morning by my almost-chart-twin. She doesn't know I'm stalking her. Yet.

Still don't know whether or not I should "come out" on BOTB. I was going to wait until Monday, but I just don't know. My biggest fear is that I will offend someone, or make someone completely depressed/unhappy because I had a surprise and they've been trying so hard for so long. So, I don't know.

What makes me feel better: text message from hubs saying that he wants to be a good husband and dad (wow, still scary!). : )

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