Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Word About Diet.

Ok, not really a word, but lots of them. Go ahead, google "pregnancy diet." I dare you. While it doesn't bring up as many horrific things as, say, googling "fleet enema" or "dirty sanchez," it's still terrifying.

What if I eat lunchmeat that is - GASP - unheated? What if I eat cheese that is unpasteurized? ::faints::
There are about eight million rules and guidelines you could follow while eating for 1.5, as evidenced by the millions of posts about it on 1st Tri. I accidentally ordered the wrong sammich last night (I love saying sammich; don't hate) and got turkey instead of grilled chicken. It still came with the awesome honey mustard sauce, so worked either way - but I was a bit hesitant. With all the information floating around out there, how do we actually manage to gain any weight at all during pregnancy? And, can I have honey mustard?!?!?!

Since I haven't had my 1st appt with the Dr yet, I'm going to use the expiration date rule: if you have to think about it, throw it out. So, if I spend too much time wondering whether or not I should eat something, I should probably just give up, save the brain cells for something more useful, and move on to the next craving.

Here are some of the diets I've seen out there from web sites I'd actually trust:
WebMD's Diet Do's and Don'ts ~ The famous home of TMI gives you their list.
March of Dimes Healthy Diet ~ Good information from an ultra-supportive baby site.
Mayo Clinic Esssential Nutrients When Eating for Two ~ Thanks for reminding me, Mayo Clinic. A helpful list of what nutrients you need, how much, and where to find them.

Here are some from sites I'm interested in:
Bradley Birth pregnancy diet ~ first I thought the webpage background was dividing cells. It does give you a protein counter. And tells you to have 3 pats of butter.
What to Expect's pregnancy diet ~ This is actually the first place I went for information, because it's all in the same place.
Eating Well pregnancy diet recipes and menus ~ RECIPES! Just what I don't need more of! ::plans another binder full::

And, here are some...other interesting...ones...:
Blue Ribbon Baby ~ When you want your kid to come in first at that state fair.
Fit and Healthy Pregnancy ~ from the site: Why the Food Pyramid Guide and Traditional Exercise Advice Will Make You Fat and Unhealthy, and Put Both You and Your Baby at Serious Risk.
Indian Food Diet ~ The name says it all: Indian Food Forever. Banana, mango, cashewnuts and apricots are enough to make me sign up for this one.

So, my current list for the store:
Juice (I need something in the morning other than water)
Cascadian Farms fiber bar thingies

umm...that's it so far. I will be perusing the sites above to see what else I can get.
The good thing about being pg right now is that I have a month or two until the really good produce starts popping up, and then I have fresh stuff for the rest of my pregnancy. I really can't wait until the berries start coming up, because I'm craving strawberry shortcake something fierce.

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