Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday List

I had a wonderful time in lovely Savannah Georgia this weekend for the momma's birthday. This will be highlighted in an upcoming post with pictures.

My dog put on a full pound while I was away. I'm sure this is not all due to the Hubs' feeding techniques, but the antibiotics he was on working and him gaining back his lost weight (and then some) from when he was sick. Still, he's not venturing out into full-on Dachshund territory anytime soon (11 lbs is the max for mini's).

I am not a huge fan of the choo-choo. (again, upcoming post)

When on said choo-choo, apparently I am hard to entertain.

I really really need to drop the weight I put on since the wedding. I did eat lots of salad last night, and lots of salad on the trip, but dressing is my kryptonite.

The spot where the Flat Earth Farmland Cheddar chips usually are at the store was filled with Garlic Herb instead. Maybe the Hubs will not eat them all before I get to the bag this time. Bets, anyone?

aaaaaaand that's a wrap.

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