Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patrick's Day cupcakes

Since I didn't get any alcohol last year for St. P's day, I figured I'd make it a prerequisite this year and put it in my cupcakes (made for a St. P's day pot luck at work that I didn't know about until a day prior).

Back to the trusty ol' Betty Crocker cookbook, to try a recipe I saw before when making the Starlight Yellow Cake (or whatever they decided to call it back in the 50's). That other cake is in my links over yonder →.

So, without further adieu, and I have no idea what that means but will probably Google it later, I give you...The Silver White Cake.

I totally only used 1 cup of milk for this, and the batter I had leftover after I made the cupcakes was poured into a cake pan and got kind of gooey.
My cupcakes continue to come out looking different depending on which pan I use. The darker pan, the edges came out darker than the center. Lighter pans, they were white all the way around. Moral of this story: cheap pans are not all bad.

And now, for the frosting:

3 sticks room-temp unsalted butter, cream them in a mixer
1 lb powdered sugar, add to creamed butter in 1/2 cup increments
3 tb Bailey's Irish Cream, add to frosting and maybe drink some
green food coloring (I used the gel kind, I heart it) to preference

I really really liked the frosting, some people could really taste the Bailey's and my mom couldn't at all...hmm. Anywho, the cake part was fantastic as well, it will be my go-to white cake recipe from now on.


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