Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My New Job

So, for any of you that remember (I don't like telling stories more than once) I was moved from my tiny department (more like our jobs were made to disappear, even though the work was still there) and put into an 'experimental' department.
Well that didn't really get me all hot and bothered so I decided to move to the Operations department. Whee! A promotion and a salary increase all in about a week.

Those perks also come with a downside... I don't know what my hours will be. I may get stuck with any shift from 8-5 to 11-8pm. Boo. That may mean kaput to my 2nd job at the karate school, but my boss knows about it and will try to work around it. So, it will more than likely mean my meager amount of cooking will be scaled back as well.

I'm sorry, blog.

I swear I will try... it has been tough this week and last because of all the changes, and I haven't gotten to grocery shop at all. This means fast food and lots of it. I'm hoping to change all of that and start making more make-ahead healthy stuff, so look for that in the future... and a LOT of 30-minute meals! That RR book I got for Cmas is going to come in reeeeaaaaaaal handy.

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