Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The One With My Eyeball Infection

My eyeball started watering a while ago, just the left one, almost like I was crying every five minutes.

Saturday, it started to hurt.

Sunday, it hurt way worse.

Monday morning (the day I started training for my new job, I was a hot mess) the pain was so bad that I threw caution and savings to the wind and made an (costly) appointment with the eye doctor. He poked the skin around it (where most of the pain was...it was radiating into my sinuses by then and every time I sneezed, thanks spring, it was doubly painful) and said "do you feel this lump?" Uh... what lump?

He said I most likely have an infection. Fan-freaking-tastic. What followed was hilarity.

He asked my allergies, then said "have you taken medicine A before?" I remember I did, a long time ago. "Any problems with it?" not that I recall. It was a long time ago.

Run to Target, pick up medicine A, where the pharmacist tells me "Are you sure you are ok to take this medicine? It it closely related to the one you are allergic to. If you break out in a rash or have problems breathing, you should go to the hospital." good Lord.

Run home, empty medicine box, find old bottle of medicine A, which has about a third of the pills missing. Call my regular Dr and ask what happened that I didn't finish medicine A? "It says here that you didn't see any reaction from it at all, so we put you on medicine B instead."

Call eye doctor, explain what happened. "Well it is a different infection so it may work this time... would you feel better if I wrote you a new script for medicine B?" yes please! I like my eyeball! "Ok, you'll have to come back to pick it up though."

Run back to eye doctor, get new script, run to Giant (didn't want Target to think I was crazy/selling things illegally), their computers are down. Wait a half hour for them to come up, get medicine B, pharmacist tells me "Our records say you're allergic to Penicillin so you can't have this." um... what? no, I'm allergic to something else, not Penicillin. "Ok, then this must have been filled out incorrectly, just making sure!" aw, they care.

Run home with medicine B, take four ibuprofen, take medicine B, eat a handful of pretzels, fall asleep on couch.

And the pain is now gone, friends. My eyeball is back to normal. Well, as normal as an eyeball can be.

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krowles1981 said...

you certainly make me chuckle. I am sorry about your eyeball, I thought maybe this had something to do with the wind in it last evening.
Hugs -