Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Argh Tuesday

So I'm trying not to be bitter, but I can't help it.
St. Patty's day is fun, right? Green beer, lots of college students at the bars at 11am, etc. Everyone goes out. Except me.
I had a committee meeting from 7-9pm. I didn't get to go to the pre-party because that was the only time I had this week to shop for food (food trumps beer). I didn't get to go to the after-party either.
Someone went out to the bar after class that night, but it wasn't me. I would have gone, but the bar that was picked (presumably for proximity to said someone's house) was about 5x5 and had no parking. Someone had to park 2 blocks away, which they told me on the phone when they asked if I wanted to stop by.
If I had the chutzpah, I would've gone to the bar 2 blocks from my meeting place, but I didn't want to go out alone with the crazies.
I tried to rationalize it this morning by saying, well, I had my college years, said someone didn't, so it's ok if they go out with friends from school and NOT me. That didn't work so much.
Special days should be saved for me! I'm the one who works 2 jobs and does 8 million things dammit! I deserve a freaking beer! And while I'm on the subject, I never get invited to go out with someone anymore after class/work. It used to be a usual Tuesday thing.

Ok, done.

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