Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday List

CBAG. Sounds like a hospital acronym, doesn't it... it's where I'm going for lunch today! Thanks to A, I have a fun new name for California Bar & Grill.
Ok, L, I'm back, happy now? I haven't written in a loooooong time because I've been so busy what with the two jobs and wedding planning. But I'm having a good day, everything's on time, so here I am!

Top Three

Yesterday, extraordinary happenings took place. You be the judge of which is best. Names have been changed to protect the innocent/stupid.

1) After almost being mugged in the big city, Gomer decided he needed to get a 'permit to carry.' It's not like a license to kill, although I'm sure there was some James Bond-style posing involved. So he was walking home the other night with said weapon in sweatshirt pocket...and it went off. When this story was being relayed to me, the person relaying was laughing hysterically, so I was sure no one was hurt. I asked, "did it hit anything or anyone?" Relayer replied that he had asked him the same question... "yeah, my leg."
2) College student Abe was sleeping at his parent's house while construction people were welding. When they accidentally set off the fire alarm with their tools, it started to beep, alerting the local fire company. With the way the alarm works at that house (ancient/screwed up), it didn't completely start to wail, so the emergency company called the house to see if it was an accidental activation. It was somewhere around midday. Abe kept sleeping. Hence: the fire company came to the house in full force.
3) Carrie is living with her boyfriend, and has been talking about future plans to wed lately. Plans, mind you, nothing definite, just ideas being thrown around. Carrie's mother decided to take her to every jewelry store in the local shopping plaza. There are only 6, it's not Mall America, but still... She insisted they talk to every clerk, telling them 'just looking.' When she asked her boyfriend, he said he had no idea, so she still doesn't know what caused the mall-a-palooza.

Ok, back to work...and putting the finishing touches on my address labels! 60 days!!

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