Thursday, March 13, 2008

Whatever happened to Tenderheart Bear?

I had my first session at the gym on Saturday morning. I was very surprised that the guy behind the desk and my trainer remembered me; the second I walked in, desk guy said, hey, welcome back! My ID card was (thankfully) missing, so they ordered me a new one. In the meantime, I have to flash a business-card-type thing when I walk in.

So I got the same trainer who "measured my a$$" when A and I first signed up in...hmm...2003? 2004? Whenever it was. He as well remembered me. It was kind of scary, and interesting at the same time. What exactly do those guys do all day? How much do they get paid? What kind of schooling did they have? Do they like wearing spandex?

But I digress. After my reintroduction to the machines, I spent about 20 minutes on the elliptical (two L's according to spellcheck), during which time I could peruse about 7 different tv stations from the tv's they have connected to the front wall. There was a plethora of viewing choices, including news, music, business, and Saturday morning cartoons.

Now... how many of you remember the classic 80's cartoons? G.I. Joe, Jem, Turtles, My Little Pony, etc. Well you know they've now brought them back, don't you? I had the pleasure of getting to see the "new and improved" version of the Care Bears.
WTF????? What is up with this? These are not the bears of yesteryear. These are not the gentle creatures we grew up with. Grizzle?! A "bad" care bear?!?! (see picture above) Where did this come from? Is the industry so jaded that they have to steal our precious cartoons and redo them, digital and twisted?

I mourn for the old cartoons. They've been pirated more and more. The Turtles, My Little Pony (now known as Earth Ponies), and finally the Bears. What is this world coming to? They even brought American Gladiator back (better looking gladiators but way awful uniforms). Is nothing sacred?

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