Saturday, December 25, 2010

ok, I'll admit.

It was a pretty superb Christmas. (say it again Lucas...Su. Perb.)

Except for the burrito being sick, of course. It has now been a grand total of 4 times he has thrown up in the past 3 days, and the night is still young. It's just a baby cold, but he can't get the mucus out, so he ends up coughing so much that he vomits. Not cool, especially when I'd just spent an insane amount of time getting him to take half the dropper of baby tylenol without spitting it out (we now have orange burp cloths), and when I'm trying to keep the current pair of jeans on for at least three hours.

here's the burrito in his new Abominable jacket:

and here is my Christmas present from burrito: (I know, cell phone pic, sucks, but our cameras are currently still at the in-laws) It's a necklace with a foot charm (I love me some baby feets), with Ben's name and birthdate and his birthstone, a sapphire.

I also got: a remote car starter, a new lens for my camera (which means super close pics of the burrito now, which will drive my husband bonkers - at least it won't all be dogs and food this time!), a new work outfit, lots of gift cards, some clothes for the burrito, a new kitchen tool, lots of Burt's Bees stuff, and chocolate, of course. : ) It was an absolutely fantastic Christmas, and it was so nice to be able to do it as a family this year. Last year sucked big time. This year, almost perfect. It feels nice to be...somewhat normal.

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