Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm 99% sure that burrito discovered his feet yesterday. I sat him up on the couch where two of the pillows meet (so he wouldn't roll to the sides), and he looked down and suddenly caught his foot moving. He proceeded to stare at them intently for the next 10 seconds, after which he promptly pitched forward in an effort to "move in for a closer look."

Then, this morning, as I was in the kitchen filling my water bottle/shoving tylenol in my coat pockets (damn you, winter!) I put him in his bouncy chair, which by the way is the dog's favorite place for burrito because he can lick all appendages and not just the feet...and when I looked back over again, he was tilted down as if trying to grab his feet.

When I have my wits about me again, I'll have to remember to get a picture of this. Now that I'm back at work and it's dark at night (again, damn you winter!), there isn't much time to get a decent picture, and flash is my enemy. Gar.

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