Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello, pregnancy changes.

So, it's been pretty uneventful so far, but this month I've been noticing some things that either are new and annoying or that I can no longer do. I thought for posterity's sake, and possibly other people/readers/internetstalkers, I'd make a list.

Because you all know how much I enjoy lists. And Excel spreadsheets. Muahahaha.

animals,elephants,government,mammals,nature,political parties,politics,Republican party,Republicans,symbols,wildlife My stomach. It has become...ugly. Like an old man's head. (My apologies to any old men reading this...but it's kinda hairy in spots, and very pale, and round.)

animals,elephants,government,mammals,nature,political parties,politics,Republican party,Republicans,symbols,wildlife The eating thing. Now that the kid is getting bigger, he's pushing all my other organs out of the way, which means that the muscles at the top of my stomach hurt, and my back starts to hurt as well whenever I eat a full meal. I am really going to have to start watching how much I eat at once now.

animals,elephants,government,mammals,nature,political parties,politics,Republican party,Republicans,symbols,wildlifeIs it the vitamins? I don't know. But I can now go a couple days in between washing my hair, which is great, but it's only about two days until my nails look like shit. The cuticles are in a race to see who can grow faster it seems, and since they don't break as much, if I don't cut them ALL THE TIME, I look very weird. Fake-nails weird.

animals,elephants,government,mammals,nature,political parties,politics,Republican party,Republicans,symbols,wildlifeClothes. Oh, the spending I've done. And the laundry. And now? The bella band is too tight, so if I wear my regular pants (as I'm doing today because I ran out of mat pants and refused to shave so I could wear a dress), I have to wear a tank top (looooong one) and a giant tent of a mat shirt. Sure, the tent shirt looks "cute." But I'm pregnant here. Cute does not appeal to me anymore unless it is something in sizes newborn/0-3 and covered in elephants.

animals,elephants,government,mammals,nature,political parties,politics,Republican party,Republicans,symbols,wildlifeSitting in my office chair. My tailbone is killing me! I have yet to get a butt pillow, and forgot a regular pillow at home this morning, so every time I get up/lean forward, my nerves scream out "remember your tailbone? and that cyst that used to be there? well the pain has come back to visit! make some tea and cake! it'll be here for a while!"

That is really all I can think of right now. Further updates to be marked with that cute-as-pie elephant, lol.

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