Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dr's appt, weight gain, and lots of Chinese food.

That's primarily what it's been about this week. : )

(I'm lazy so here's the repost from BOTB)

From Tuesday AM: one of the muscles (I think) under right boob has been painful lately, and itchy, especially at night. I thought it might be the underwire bras I've been wearing, but since it's only on the right side, I'm not sure.

Now, it's kind of hot to the touch and a bit numb-feeling when I try to rub or itch it. I was on my way to tarjay tonight to get some new bras/underwear anyway, so if that's what it is then hopefully that will work.

there are a myriad of things in my body that have been being slowly squished up under the boobage lately, and I can't eat as much as I used to in one meal. whee! at least squash down there is ok, he's been practicing his tae kwon do with greater frequency. (I just picture him thinking "left elbow strike! #3 front kick!")

SOOO, I call the Dr, and they ask if I can come in at 2, which is fine, it'll probably be a short one. Hubs meets me there, go in, give a sample, pee allllll over my hand because I really have to go and it's comin out like a sprinkler head...
Per the dr, the weird muscle pain/itchiness/numbness is due to my uterus tilting to the right, and pushing on everything above it. lol. he said to put a heating pad on it a couple times a day if it keeps hurting, or take some tylenol. he looked at my GD results and noticed I have a tad low iron so I need to take those now as well as the regular supps.

I got to hear the hb again though, 132. go squash go! and thanks for making ma's body parts numb! lol. So the regular appt I was supposed to have on Monday is now canceled, and the next one is set for when I get back from vacation. Whee!

~ I really really love me some chicken and broccoli nowadays, which is probably contributing to my wonderful weight gain. I'm up to 189.2 on the home scale, which puts me at a gain of 12 lbs total. WOW. I'm thinking that now will be the time where I need to keep up with my walking and my healthy eating, because my body will need to respond well as small fry keeps squishing my innards, and getting ready to make his appearance.

I bought some pants and some onesies on clearance at tarjay last night, as well as two new underwire bras - which are FAB-O-LOUS. No headlights, and no scratchy parts. I got a nice jammie/dress thing too, I've just been so damn hot at night lately, and I'm pretty sure the fake velour cover on my body pillow is not helping. Ah well.

~ oh yeah, had another instance of BH-ish contraction yesterday. I had a certain stressful situation, which I'm not sure if that brings it on or the lack of water, but I stood up because I thought I might have to pee, and my whole lower abdomen section started to hurt. It tightened up, and my bladder felt even worse, but less like I had to pee and more like it was just generally unhappy. I refilled my water mug, chugged that down, and got another one, went to the br, leaned back in my chair, and just relaxed for a few minutes (hello again, yoga breathing) and it went away. It returned a bit later that night after hubs got home (hence thinking it might be the stress), but I drank a glass of water and went to bed and it was fine.

We'll just have to keep an eye on this small fry. I'm glad I have this blog in a way because it helps to keep a record of what's going on and when. yay for that much!

ok, back to work. *sigh*

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