Sunday, March 21, 2010

Did I do an update?

I can't remember! Let's go check...

Oops, I did not!

Well here goes. This past week at 13w I had my second dr's appt. We got right in, took bp, weight (I asked her how much I was up according to their scale - 1lb. she laughed at me!), and went in to the u/s room (just in case they couldn't get a good read with the doppler) and got all jellied up. Well, a little jellied up. The heartbeat was pretty strong, and very low! I didn't expect it to be that low, but I guess I should. Even though I'm in the second trimester now, baby's still hanging out below the belt.

It was around 158/160ish, and kinda freaky to hear. Because, you know, there's something with a heartbeat living inside me...ahhhh! He didn't measure or feel about or anything, so it was a short appointment.

Oh, and then he said he's retiring in June. W.T.F. So now I have to find a new doc. I have two choices, either to stay with him until June, or switch to a new doc now. I have two choices for a new doc so far, and I've been offered the advice to switch now, so I can get to know my new practice.
So, just have to figure out which doc I want and I'm off. Should I go before the April appt? Or wait? I'm not sure I can get in w/ a new doc until after that...and he gave me the paperwork for a quad screen. Which, hubs the future nurse says I don't necessarily need to have. So, I guess that's my next question! Now, time for a poll!

Here follows the updations:

How far along? 13w3d, so officially the 2nd trimester!
Total weight gain/loss: well, if you count my starting point as 177, then...I'm up 5.2 lbs since I first found out. gah!
Maternity clothes? ordered my first mat pants and a couple shirts this week! I have to be careful of what I wear now though, because I have a nice little belly going on. And not the beer kind. Or the baby kind. This would be the roll-of-fat kind.
Stretch marks? nothin so far. the boobs are anxiously awaiting them though.
Sleep: ok, still getting up between 5-7am to pee on occasion.
Best moment this week: it will be today, telling my dad! (he lives farther away and I don't get to go up too often)
Movement: just my fat roll moving upward over my pants waistband.
Food cravings: food. any and all.
Gender: not yet, sorry intelligender!
Labor Signs: N/A
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: um...nothing, really. I'm doing good this week!
What I am looking forward to: making a registry!
Weekly Wisdom: do what you can, and don't push yourself. you're already sustaining life, you don't have to be She-Ra while doing it.
Milestones: hearing the heartbeat!

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