Friday, June 12, 2009

Stuff the Hubs wants to throw out

We did a LOT of shopping this year, mainly for the house. We got new living room furniture, a new TV, TV stand, side table, hutch for the dining room... next up on the list: rug and end table for the living room. And Ikea curtains for the sunroom, and maybe some curtains for the upstairs, because I might be a little tired of running past the office naked because the neighbours might be pulling a Rear Window and watching me. Not that I've killed anyone in my house, mind you. But I do lots of interesting things... like run past the office naked.

But I digress. So after we got said new furniture, I gleefully started piling stuff into my new hutch. That was a fun day. Any day where I can organize stuff* is a good day. So I'm arranging my china and glass in my cabinet, and I decide I should probably make a note of what I have. I tried to take good pics, but the light in my dining room is not the best if it's after, oh, 8am.

here's my depression glass, it's square and red and I heart it way too much:

And here's my great-grandmother's china, it's way old and a little cracked, so it may come out just for show:

Pretty, no? It's a bit mixed-era right now, what with the china and red glass, but that's ok. So on to the instance referenced in the title: we were out to dinner with Hubs' parents and he starts talking about the hutch, asking why we don't put the regular dishes in there and why don't we throw out that old stuff and put things in there that we actually use?
I gave him a Look. I said, "that's my grandmother's family's china." I said, "that is depression glass." I also said, "how about we throw out some of those old things you have from your family and get some new stuff?" I'm not sure he got it, and I didn't want to go into a whole rant at dinner, even though his mom gave me a look that said even she didn't know where that came from.
Later on in the car, he asked me if his old stuff (several items in particular) bothered me, and I said no, that I just wanted to find a way to relate it to him so he'd understand what I meant when I said that we are NOT throwing anything in that hutch out. His mom also told him that hutches are mostly for displaying things, so that helped.

But seriously, hubs? THROW IT OUT? If we had been at home, I might have thrown something at him.

So the hutch is staying put, with all of its contents. If you're lucky, interwebs, later on I might give you a pic of my wedding china... that is, when I get around to putting it in the hutch, too. yes, yes, shoot me, I didn't finish my organizing...

*"organize stuff" does not mean clean the house and/or put away laundry.

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