Friday, June 19, 2009

Biscotti Adventure

For Mother's Day, I wanted to do something special this year, and I thought the moms around me might like some biscotti with their coffee. I asked the top-notch bakers on the WC for their favorite recipes, and gleaned it down to two: Chocolate Biscotti from TPOX's blog (Proceed with Caution) and Almond Biscotti from BridgetMc's blog (The Way the Cookie Crubmles).

For my first time making biscotti, I have to say that these turned out rather well. I did shape them pretty oddly, so I'll have to learn to really pound them flat next time so they don't look like biscotti hills. Also, I didn't flip them when cooking the second time, so one side was more golden than the other.

I do have to admit though (yes, admit, for I am a chocoholic) that I like the almond ones better! I think it was the liqueur. The only additions/substitutions I made were white chips instead of the almonds in the chocolate biscotti. I did use mini chips for the chocolate in those as well.

Sadly, they were bagged and bestowed before I got pictures, so for now internets you will have to visit the origin blogs and take a gander at their photos for your food fix.



Bridget said...

I'm so glad you liked them! I've made so many different biscotti recipes since trying that one, and every time, my husband asks, "you'll make the good biscotti recipe next time?", referring to this one.

TPOX said...

Looks like I'll have to try Bridget's!