Monday, September 8, 2008

Mmm...candy corn...

So I was at the market today getting the usual supplies (giant head of broccoli for $1.99, deli meats, one pear) when I spied from the corner of my eye some sugary colored goodness: CANDY CORN. Assorted kinds, assorted shapes. I got a bag of yellow corns, brown corns, and pumpkins. Ohhhh good stuff. I just ate ten of each and 5 pumpkins so I am in sugar happy land. And of course since apparently too much sugar can cause nightmares I will be attacked by giant candy corns tonight.


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Maryanna said...

I always love when fall comes around b/c these little candy corns and pumpkins are available. It never fails; I make myself sick off of them every year by eating too many at once.