Monday, September 22, 2008

I Fought The Law (session #1)

SO... yours truly got a parking ticket back in, oh, March. It was for parking at a meter without paying (I think), and as I remember it, there was only about 20 minutes until the meters turned off. So I had a 20-minute window where I could get fined. And I was. GLORIOUS.

I promptly threw the ticket in the backseat and forgot about it. It got lost in the backseat (as things usually do) and I forgot about it until June, when I got a letter in the mail saying I hadn't paid, and this was the last warning. So I sucked it up and paid the fine.

Fast forward to today: I get a certified letter in the mail saying that I have a court date. Or, rather, will have a court date if I plead 'not guilty.' I sent the payment by check back in JUNE! Apparently the mail system played a cruel trick and ATE MY PAYMENT! So now, I either have to pay the fine plus an exorbitant amount of 'cost' and 'other' to the city, or show up in court. I will gladly cut another check for the cost of the original fine, but I want a darn good reason (and to know where my 'cost' and 'other' are going) before I pay the 'cost' and 'other' categories. SO...

I'm pleading not guilty and showing up in court.