Thursday, July 10, 2008

IT'S OVER!!!... wait... it's over? what do I do now?

So the ol' wedding is finally done. It went off without a hitch (or so I can say now). A & K were nervous for me, which was pretty funny, because I wasn't nervous at all. I think the thing I remember most is walking up the church stairs to the strains of Andre Campra. Mmm, sweet sweet non-secular music.
The only things that went wrong (if you can say that) were - me forgetting the vendor meals (I'm sorry photogs!!!) and someone drawing on our engagement photo with the Sharpies we had put there for people to sign the photo's matting. We're not entirely sure, but we have some ideas who it was.
It was a great day, and only rained when we were indoors. Can't wait to see the pics!!!

So, now we officially live together. In inauguration of my new status as 'wife,' I have joined, changed my last name on all of my bills, and started wearing an apron. J/K on that last one, I'm too macho for aprons.
It's a bit odd, I still half expect him to go 'home' some nights. But we're getting to the point that we're more comfortable living with each other, and everyday I'm still amazed that we're married and I'm someone's wife. I'm sure everyone reading this feels the same. Also, it's pretty exciting to have someone to talk about the house with me. we're gonna do this, and this, and this... and maybe I'll make that dish you like for dinner...
so, wedded bliss? not exactly... wedded contentment? definitely.

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